Monday, 30 July 2012

Niklas' Birthday, black tie fabulous!

 Last saturday it was Niklas' birthday at his gorgeous flat. The theme was "cocktail" so we all had to dress in black tie ... as best we can. Sini and Marinka looked classically gorgeous while others like the FABULOUS Jopo interpreted the theme in their own way. I went for a Kodona look mostly borrowed from Alex.

Us x

lol Alex!
Satu and our lovely host, power couple!

Jopo's outfit was my favourite that night! He described himself as fabulous sperm, I think he looks more like the Queen combined with a skinny moomin.

some of the beautiful guests x

Fabulous women in the kitchen x

starting to get drunk
 Everyone taking a group photo ... but wait? where are Tunde, Oona and me? ...

After finishing a hidden bottle of alcohol in the bedroom we discovered a wonderful wold under the bed! When Niklas caught us he decided to take some photos.

Here is a photo of Viivi, Tiina and me drunk on the tram.

Just a quick post, I hope you are all enjoying the summer. x Tobi x


  1. I love your new hair, man! And that bow, holy shiiiit ♥♥ I need that in my life!! x You looked fab x

  2. This hairstyle suits you very well ^^ And Jopo's outfit is really awesome *.*

    1. Thank you :D it was! It's so exciting when you know he is coming to a party to see what he comes up with x

  3. Looking great as always! I like your little bow :>


    1. Thanks, I like it too! I don't want to give it back to Alex x

  4. Tobi, you look gorge! *o* I love the little video you have in your sidebar, too. X3

    Wah, Marinka's outfit reminds me of a look I did recently. XDD Everybody looks amazing, and Jopo- so exotic! :o

    1. Thank you! so do I, it's a more people need one! x oh that sounds cool, I would like to see x