Monday, 30 July 2012

Niklas' Birthday, black tie fabulous!

 Last saturday it was Niklas' birthday at his gorgeous flat. The theme was "cocktail" so we all had to dress in black tie ... as best we can. Sini and Marinka looked classically gorgeous while others like the FABULOUS Jopo interpreted the theme in their own way. I went for a Kodona look mostly borrowed from Alex.

Us x

lol Alex!
Satu and our lovely host, power couple!

Jopo's outfit was my favourite that night! He described himself as fabulous sperm, I think he looks more like the Queen combined with a skinny moomin.

some of the beautiful guests x

Fabulous women in the kitchen x

starting to get drunk
 Everyone taking a group photo ... but wait? where are Tunde, Oona and me? ...

After finishing a hidden bottle of alcohol in the bedroom we discovered a wonderful wold under the bed! When Niklas caught us he decided to take some photos.

Here is a photo of Viivi, Tiina and me drunk on the tram.

Just a quick post, I hope you are all enjoying the summer. x Tobi x

Monday, 23 July 2012


On saturday the fabulous Sini threw a trash themed party where everyone had to come in their trashiest outfit. In England a fancy dress party normally involves the odd pair of animal ears and maybe some whiskers ... here in Finland people do things properly!!!!! This party was so good Sini, Alex and I are still a bit hungover and only just left Sini's place a few hours ago (two days later)

My outfit idea was "a trashed drugged up middle aged rockstar" Here are some photos, enjoy.

bathroom mirror 

Marinka made this crazy dead girl look, Niklas came as an erno (weabo) Sini came as herself and Niko came as a fabulous something or other.

My trashed rockstar look and Sini

Obligatory group photo of everyone, aren't we fabulous!

Alex came as Taylor Momsen and Viivi came as Kesha, glam rock to the max!!!

With my darling Oona, rather tipsy, I don't know what happened to my eyebrows.
Added this just for Oona's face!! x 
Trashtastic x
Our host for the evening ;)
the boys
the girls
This doesn't even need a caption
The guest book at the end of the night
 And then the morning afternoon after ...

Sini fed me cereal from a dog bowl
the flat was even trashier than the party!
And this is how we party in Finland!

Here is a song for you all for your next party,

I hope you are all having as much fun as we are! x Tobi x

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Fabulous Finland! Helsinki happenings, part ... I forgot

Hello again, this is my last week in Helsinki (until I return) and so I have been doing lots of fun things. Yesterday Oona booked the PENTHOUSE SAUNA SUITE at the fancy hotel where she works and Marinka, Sini, Alex, Veera, Oona and I went for a luxurious spa appointment (ultimate luxury) 

The conference suite, there was a little buffet of food laid out on the side
Jacuzzi and Sauna door 
Us chilling on the balcony pretending we are millionaires
One of my better looks ... my god I am ugly with no makeup 
Waving to the common people
Me in my first ever sauna!
Please excuse my fatty love handles! I'm on holiday and holiday = EAT. I have been to mcdonalds and hesburger about 8 times in the last week (hence the love handles) I don't normally look like that!
Obligatory mirror picture after sauna and jacuzzi
 We then went down to the hotel lobby for some drinks before heading to Oona's place for a sleepover.

This is how we socialize ... everyone just gets our their iPhone, being as fabulous as they are they have to constantly remind everyone how their lives are better than theirs.
No makeup me and Alex
Our wine, yay Finland and alcohol!
 We then saw this beautiful view on the way to alepa to buy food.

The next day I met up with Sini and Eemil (you might know him better as pin) to go to the Finish national museum.

The entrance
Creepy skulls
Fancy room
me in front of a throne
Eemil, Sini and me 
After the museum Oona, Alex, Sini and I went to wrong noodle for food.

My soy teriyaki udon YUMMY
Oona being as cute as always xxx
Tomorrow I am meeting up with Riku and then there is a big party on saturday night so I will hopefully have another blog post about that! I leave for England on Monday ... I'm pretty sure I will have a breakdown at the airport I am so totally in love with Helsinki I don't ever want to leave! xxx

Tobi x