Sunday, 15 July 2012

Tänään Perseet Olalle! Helsinki part 3!

Sorry it took me so long to update again! I have just been having way too much fun. We keep forgetting to take photos when we are out having fun so this post is going to be a little messy. Sini came back to Helsinki to visit us last week and we went shopping and ate yummy japanese food. Unfortunately the camera ran out of battery just after we took some outfit shots together, but here are the surviving pictures from that day.
Sini and me x
Alex and me x

 The next day the three of us met up with viivi to go to a bar/cafe on the 14th floor of an expensive hotel in central. The view was incredible, you could see the whole of central Helsinki and the sea!

The view from the top

Beautiful Helsinki
 We were having some problems with lighting but this is the best photo we got together. Please excuse my hair and face! I look horrendous. Viivi's hair looks so amazing in real life!

xX Fabulous friends Xx

Please excuse my face again! I just like this picture so I had to put it up anyway. After the hotel trip we went to a cheap but yummy Japanese restaurant nearby. It was small and cosy and so much fun to all be together and bloody hell Alex and Viivi can eat a lot of Japanese food!!! crazy food lovers Xx

Us in the restaurant
My yummy tofu and seafood ramen
 We then met up with a few friends and went shopping together. Alex bought himself some new shoes. Here is a picture with my beautiful Oona Xxx

I have also been enjoying the famous national pastime of Finland ... DRINKING!!!

upea life
But please remember children ^ this always ends up like this ...

Living the Finnish life!! Xx

(some photos stolen from Sini and Jopo  ... two super fabulous people worth following!!)

On friday a large group of us went to Suomenlinna which is a beautiful old fortress island just out of Helsinki for a picnic. Here are the photos from the day.

Marinka's purple wig in the photo x
 We took a ferry to the Island.

Look how fabulous we are, wind swept and interesting!
 Suomenlinna is absolutely beautiful! If anyone is in Helsinki they should definitely try and visit it.

Beautiful view! I can almost see England ;)

Us having our picnic! The food was so yummy x

My first helping. Feta salad, Bruschetta and Onigir YUMMY!

Everyone being crazy x

 Cher Sini and me xx

I love this photo!!!! Sini took it of Alex and Me :)
Jopo's angle xx 

Alex and the others while we were waiting for our ferry back to Helsinki x

Our ferry and a seagull x
Helsinki in the evening, beautiful!
Here are two of OUR songs! Enjoy Xx

I hope everyone is having as much fun this summer as I am! I will update again soon, Tobi :) Xx

Suomi on elämäni suuri rakkaus!!!! xxx


  1. Haha ! Looks like you've Had much fun! ^^

  2. YOU LOOK SO NICE IN THAT ALL BLACK OUTFIT, OH JESUS ♥♥ D: waaa why do all of them look so gooooood?! Can I be scandinavian too? ; - ;

    1. Thank you haha :) and I know right! they work really hard on their looks and put a lot of effort into details!!! crazy people xxx

  3. stupid fabulous Finnish people ;__; ♥

    my favourite is the.....trolly picture? cart? but yes, drinking shenanigans.

    1. Haha! yeah i know right and I love that picture too :P x yay for alcohol! xx

  4. Best pastime ever! Haha. The picnic food looks delicious :O


    1. it is! and it was so yummy! I have gotten SOOOOO fat since being here! xx

  5. I spy something wonderful between you 2~ ^_~
    Cute <3

    *spazzes over it* lol

  6. thanks for the follow ^^

    you all look fabulous!

    1. Thank you! and you are super pretty and interesting so of course I followed :) xxx