Monday, 30 April 2012

Vivienne Westwood, Gyaruo and KPOP

Hello everyone! I haven't updated this blog in a while because I have been super busy with my exams. In fact I shouldn't be writing this now, I should be working on my exam prep for tomorrows exam but oh well ... I'll do that later I promise YOLO. 
Yesterday my best friend Lorraine came up to my house from London for the first time. Normally I go see her in London and we have fun kawaii weabo times in Chinatown and whatnot but we have been talking about her coming up for a while and I needed some help with my artwork so she came for moral support to get me through it. Unfortunately we didn't have that long because she needed to get back early so we didn't have any time for fun gyaru shit or to style her wig. 
I woke up super bloody early so I could get ready and dress in gyaruo for her which took way longer than it used to (I blame the hair). I haven't dressed in gyaruo for about 4/5 months! So it was nice to try it out again. As you can see I have quite a few men's egg magazines and I tried out one of the hair tutorials for the first time! I missed the smell of Gatsby. The feeling on my fingers not so much.

All of my men's eggs.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Style Crush: Adam Lambert

Okay this is just going to be a short one! I should be working right now as I have three exams in the next two weeks but oh well instead I am having a stalker moment. In case you didn't know, my perfect man is and always will be Adam Lambert. He is just perfect. Fact. End of. I will be his princess one day. He and I will marry in New York and then make sweet glitter covered love for the rest of our lives.

Putting my scary stalkerish feelings to one side (not to mention my scary plans for splitting him and his boyfriend up) I wanted to try and sanely talk about Lamberts fabulous style. Obviously I love me some makeup and some sparkle and my husband ... I mean future husband has all dat shit and more!!!

Lamberts style is what I call "suave a la gay" (the fancy French term). This translates for you silly people who do not speak French like me as lots of black, lots of shiny and lots of glitter. All elements that can make any outfit fabulous which combined together make GAY TRASH FABULOUS SEXY OUTFIT!

Here! have some sexy photos.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Nu Goth Inspiration: Beth Ditto Style Queen!

Finally I have been hit by some inspiration! Today Gossip's new video came out with Beth Ditto looking even more incredible than before. Now this is a phrase you never thought you would hear me say but Beth Ditto is MY KIND OF WOMEN. She is unconventional, beautiful, unique, independent and DROP DEAD GORGEOUS in a slightly unusual way. So I thought I would make this blog post about how she inspires me in a "gothy" way.

Gossip's new song Perfect World is cooler and a bit more chilled than their older stuff yet still with that rocky Gossip edge. This vibe is mirrored by Beth Ditto in the video who is rocking a Morticia Addams meets a Gothic reinterpretation of the 60's kind of look. So just in case any of you don't know who she is or what she looks like here are some pics of the Gorgeous Beth :) 

Monday, 2 April 2012

Recent Photos: Hipster posing and Gothboy at a party

 Surprisingly I have actually been quite busy recently! Last weekend I did a little "photoshoot" with my friend Shannon for my artwork and this weekend I went to my friend's 19th. I am also going to be in London this coming weekend hopefully to see my friend Lorraine to celebrate her birthday and because my step dad is putting a new carpet in my room so my family want me out of the house. So expect a post about my weekend in London next week.

My little Photoshoot

It was a beautiful day last weekend and my friend Shannon came over to take some photos with me for art. Here are some of the pics :)
Just some of my wardrobe while I was trying to put some outfits together wow so colourful!