Monday, 2 April 2012

Recent Photos: Hipster posing and Gothboy at a party

 Surprisingly I have actually been quite busy recently! Last weekend I did a little "photoshoot" with my friend Shannon for my artwork and this weekend I went to my friend's 19th. I am also going to be in London this coming weekend hopefully to see my friend Lorraine to celebrate her birthday and because my step dad is putting a new carpet in my room so my family want me out of the house. So expect a post about my weekend in London next week.

My little Photoshoot

It was a beautiful day last weekend and my friend Shannon came over to take some photos with me for art. Here are some of the pics :)
Just some of my wardrobe while I was trying to put some outfits together wow so colourful!

I absolutely hate my hair now I wish I had never had it cut or dyed it. It hasn't been this short in about two years and I am definitely growing it out again. It looks such a mess the whole time!!!

Once we went back to my house I made us some sticky rice with mushroom and quorn (vegetarian) beef strips in soy sauce. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! We got the camera stuck on black and white so this photo is pretty bad sorry.

On Saturday it was my friend Lammy's birthday party. He lives in this beautiful old farm house about half an hour from where I live and a little dance space was set up in the barn with speakers and strobe lights and other technical things that I don't quite understand. Everyone had to sleep in tents in the garden so I was told by all my friends (who know me rather well) to DRESS DOWN! So of course I made a conscious effort to ... not wear bottom lashes. Here is my outfit.

This was just taken on someone's phone so you can't see my make-up properly :\
Coat is from Ebay (it's a rip off of a Deepstyle design but literally a quarter of the price so I am not complaining. I took the fur trip off because it was getting a bit skanky.

Bag was my birthday present to myself last year and it's from Kenzi.

Jeans are very old and from topman I think.

Hooded top is from Deepstyle.

Furry boots I think are from House of Fraser's sale last year.

 And now for some photos of me with my friends, as you can see we are obviously on the same kind of hardcore party level as the original skins with our wkd and smirnoff ice.

Unfortunately I remember nothing after these photos were taken until I woke up in our tent the next morning with Ice on the inside of our tent (yay English frosts) I've only just stopped smelling of smoke and cider two days later.

This post is just a little break from normal :) I hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit more of my life. I am having a bit of writers block on the other posts I'm working on as well as struggling to decide what I should blog about as I have too many ideas at the moment but I promise there is a lot more on the way!

                Tobi ^_^ x


  1. khebvjrfdkjb that coord with the heels. TOBIAS. THAT. IS. HOT. nuffsaid :l ♥ x

    1. Hehe thank you ^_^ <3 x if it was a leopard print hoody and I did my hair in a gyaruo way would be way better x