Sunday, 25 March 2012

Airport Style

Considering I had lived in two continents, three different countries and spoke two languages by the time I was four I feel very at home in an airport. When I was about 9 I had memorised the entire flight safety routine that the cabin crew performed at the start of every flight ... needless to say I was in fact a very camp child and was certainly on track to be a fabulous flight attendant.
Travelling and flying has always been a big part of my life, I normally visit France and Ireland at least once a year as well as having been lucky enough to go to countries like China, Bali and hopefully this Christmas, Kenya.
When I'm flying though there is always one problem ... what do I wear to the airport? ... Due to my families tradition of flying at night to make it more exciting (the real reason being it's cheaper) I have been able to get away with oversized hoodies and jogging bottoms (thank god there are no photos!!!!!) but I'm afraid I just can't do it any more! I want to look my best at all times, and with a love for Dita Von Teese, TOP, GD and Shinee who are some of the most fabulous examples of "Airport style" there is ... I'd better start paying attention!

Airport fashion is the result of celebrities trying to be comfortable enough to travel, whilst still being stylish enough that when they get snapped by the paparazzi they still look good. For me Airport style represents the ultimate glamorous jet setter style icon type lifestyle that I have always dreamt of having ever since I was a little girl boy.

So onto the photos!!!!!

The Girls <3
Park Bom
Jessica Simpson

These three sum up the whole idea of "airport style" being comfortable enough to travel whilst still remaining stylish. What I also like about airport fashion is that you get to see another side of a celebs style (although it's probably all been picked out by some stylist) a combination of what they might wear behind closed doors and what they would wear to red carpet events etc. For anyone who wants to look stylish everyday yet doesn't want to look too "over dressed" airport fashion is a great way of getting ideas for your everyday wardrobe and inspiration for individual outfits.

AND NOW FOR THE BOYS *nose bleed*

I tried hard to find some non Korean examples of men's airport fashion  but ... you just can't beat Koreans when it comes to style!!! For me TOP and Key are the King and Queen of airport fashion. I think the key (teehee) to Korean airport style is to have one quirky item with a simple outfit. This is something ANYONE can copy whether it's with Keys leopard print Jacket, TOPs shoes, a pair of Jeremy Scott trainers or some crazy shit you found in Camden, anyone is capable of achieving this kind of look.

Now I can't talk about airport fashion without mentioning one very special person. If TOP and Key are the King and Queen of airport fashion ... then this women is the empress. Ladies and Gentleman ... MISS DITA VON TEESE (German entry for eurovision 2009 link ... I do apologise for my eurovision nerdiness)


Dita Von Teese's whole life is about recapturing the glamour and beauty of the olden days. She, like the beautiful old women you see on the streets of Paris is always immaculately dressed whether she is on the red carpet, food shopping or at the airport. She does not own a pair of jeans and never will! She is an exceptional individual whether you admire her for her work, her style or her dedication she will inspire you <3

My Five key points for great airport style!

  1. A fantastic bag: Hand luggage is an essential when travelling, whether it's just for your copy of vogue and your bottled water ready for the plane journey or your toiletries and clothes for a long weekend in Dublin. Your bag is a key item in putting together your airport outfit. It doesn't have to be bright orange, or covered in rainbow sequins to be a stylish statement bag. For example if you look at Hyuna in the first set of photos or all of Dita's photos a fairly ordinary bag can create a statement with simple contrasting.
  2. Outerwear: Taking Park Bom, Jessican Simpson and Hyuna as examples, a great hoody, patterned cardigan or oversized jumper can make your look. Or you could take after Dita and make your coat and your accessories the entire focus.
  3. Comfort: This is a lot easier for the boys out there as you can pull off the Tshirt, Jeans and trainers look with a lot less effort but no matter who you are or what look you are going for with a few minor changes you can make your outfit more travel friendly. An example would be to wear a smaller heel (if going for Dita's vintage look) or to swap your stiletto heels entirely for a wedge heel ankle boot with an insole for added comfort.
  4. Shoes: These will be a main focus point in your outfit, and they also offer a way of making a plain outfit become an interesting one. It can be a pair of trainers, ankle boots, flip flops or stilettos make them interesting!
  5. Accessories: It could be a Boy London cap, a beanie or an oversized snood but USE IT! They can make you more comfortable, save you having to do your hair and pull your outfit together. My tip would be don't wear too much jewellery, instead carry a pair of sunglasses and a hat with you.
Thank you all for reading! This post was a beast to put together -_- 

P.S. Did you find this interesting? or should I blog about something different? x


  1. I found this post really interesting!! I often try to do this when I go to france especially cause I'm only allowed to take hand luggage (cause its cheaper xD!) so I like looking nice for the plane so I can relate to this! The only time I've done it differently is when I went to Japan wearing as many layers as I could regarless of practicality just so I could fit more in my suitcase XD!

    1. Thank god ^_^ I was really worried! x eek I would love to see some of your airport photos!!! Yeah I can imagine! I think from now on every time I go on holiday I am going to do a post about my airport outfit ^_^ xxx

  2. Oooh awhsum post! Makes me look forward to when I next go abroad ^^

    1. Aww haha thank you ^_^ eek I know right! I should probably have saved this until the summer holidays :P <3 x Are you going anywhere nice? xxx <3