Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Alternative style Dictionary: What is Nu Goth?

Thanks to Felice Fawn and some interesting things I found on Tumblr I have stumbled across a new style that I find quite interesting, Nu Goth. 

So what is Nu Goth? Well ... it's an interesting style born from Hipster kids (you've probably never heard of them because like you know ... they are like ... totally not mainstream and alternative and too busy being pensive and taking photos of themselves staring at the floor while walking through woods because it's too mainstream to go for walks on the path) who have incorporated "Gothic" aesthetics into their look. The "Nu Goth" look is also inspired by Designer and High Street collections which use "Gothic" ideas (for example some Alexander Mcqueen collections have features "Gothic" looks as well as several of Jean Paul Gaultier's collections)

Here is a Hipster kid just for you guys <3 (Pic from Google)
The "Old Goth" "Nu Goth" War. The more traditional Goths according to the 3 million rant posts I have scrolled through on Tumblr seem to have a tincy little problemo with these "Nu Goths" and I can totally understand why. The old style "Goth" in my limited knowledge is more than just a fashion, it is a way of life, a culture as much about personality, music and lifestyle as it is about the fashion. So these "true Goths" feel angry and offended because in their opinion these "hipster kids" are using the term Goth and using satanic symbols, the St peters cross etc. as a fashion statement without any idea of their meanings and what they represent to Goth. However, what I think they don't understand is the people who dress in Nu Goth do not consider themselves "Goth" it is not a "lifestyle" they just see it as a fashion that they wear. Therefore they shouldn't feel angry or annoyed but should just regard it as though it was any other style.

 Have a few pics of some "Nu Goths" (pics from tumblr and google)

This hair is so popular in my school it's really annoying seeing icky chavy girls walking around thinking they are so "tumblr worthy" (their own words)

And now for the boys

Not gunna lie ... bit of a crush on this boy :P
Main characteristics of Nu Goth:

  • Black (well durr)
  • Lots of crosses
  • High waisted shorts
  • Oversized cardigans and jumpers
  • Vest tops
  • Black circular glasses

I personally quite like the Nu Goth look. It shares a lot of similarities with my own wardrobe (pre gyaru-o) and I think it combines the best parts of the Hipster look with my favourite bits of the Goth look. Ignoring the special snowflake attitude and sometimes childlike notion of "Goth" notice exhibit A the upside down coffin and cross it's a style I would like to see grow and gain a larger following as it offers something more interesting to look at on the street. Because I literally cannot take another pair of chinos! 

Thank you for reading,
                                   Tobi <3

One of my favourite brands at the moment is Long Clothing which could be incorporated into a Nu Goth look. Please feel free to check them out <3


P.S. I am going out "shopping" and for a meal on Thursday with my friend Craig and I am taking some photos of my make-up and some outfits for my art exam this weekend so finally you can see some proper photos of me (NOT TAKEN IN PURIKURA) before the end of this week :) x


  1. Tooooobiiii. Totally into this look right now, and my LONG clothing vest came in the mail today XDD

    It goes almost to my knees.

    1. YAY! OMG sooooo jealous! Long Clothing vest and hoody are totally on my 18th wishlist :P <3 xxxxxxxxxxxx

    2. Found some amazing tights you'd love too. I got the octopus and 7 deadly sins ones.


    3. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy tights :D <3 xxxx I need me some monies! who ya gotta sleep wiv for monies???!!!!! x