Sunday, 25 March 2012

Airport Style

Considering I had lived in two continents, three different countries and spoke two languages by the time I was four I feel very at home in an airport. When I was about 9 I had memorised the entire flight safety routine that the cabin crew performed at the start of every flight ... needless to say I was in fact a very camp child and was certainly on track to be a fabulous flight attendant.
Travelling and flying has always been a big part of my life, I normally visit France and Ireland at least once a year as well as having been lucky enough to go to countries like China, Bali and hopefully this Christmas, Kenya.
When I'm flying though there is always one problem ... what do I wear to the airport? ... Due to my families tradition of flying at night to make it more exciting (the real reason being it's cheaper) I have been able to get away with oversized hoodies and jogging bottoms (thank god there are no photos!!!!!) but I'm afraid I just can't do it any more! I want to look my best at all times, and with a love for Dita Von Teese, TOP, GD and Shinee who are some of the most fabulous examples of "Airport style" there is ... I'd better start paying attention!

Airport fashion is the result of celebrities trying to be comfortable enough to travel, whilst still being stylish enough that when they get snapped by the paparazzi they still look good. For me Airport style represents the ultimate glamorous jet setter style icon type lifestyle that I have always dreamt of having ever since I was a little girl boy.

So onto the photos!!!!!

The Girls <3
Park Bom
Jessica Simpson

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Alternative style Dictionary: What is Nu Goth?

Thanks to Felice Fawn and some interesting things I found on Tumblr I have stumbled across a new style that I find quite interesting, Nu Goth. 

So what is Nu Goth? Well ... it's an interesting style born from Hipster kids (you've probably never heard of them because like you know ... they are like ... totally not mainstream and alternative and too busy being pensive and taking photos of themselves staring at the floor while walking through woods because it's too mainstream to go for walks on the path) who have incorporated "Gothic" aesthetics into their look. The "Nu Goth" look is also inspired by Designer and High Street collections which use "Gothic" ideas (for example some Alexander Mcqueen collections have features "Gothic" looks as well as several of Jean Paul Gaultier's collections)

Here is a Hipster kid just for you guys <3 (Pic from Google)
The "Old Goth" "Nu Goth" War. The more traditional Goths according to the 3 million rant posts I have scrolled through on Tumblr seem to have a tincy little problemo with these "Nu Goths" and I can totally understand why. The old style "Goth" in my limited knowledge is more than just a fashion, it is a way of life, a culture as much about personality, music and lifestyle as it is about the fashion. So these "true Goths" feel angry and offended because in their opinion these "hipster kids" are using the term Goth and using satanic symbols, the St peters cross etc. as a fashion statement without any idea of their meanings and what they represent to Goth. However, what I think they don't understand is the people who dress in Nu Goth do not consider themselves "Goth" it is not a "lifestyle" they just see it as a fashion that they wear. Therefore they shouldn't feel angry or annoyed but should just regard it as though it was any other style.

 Have a few pics of some "Nu Goths" (pics from tumblr and google)

This hair is so popular in my school it's really annoying seeing icky chavy girls walking around thinking they are so "tumblr worthy" (their own words)

And now for the boys

Not gunna lie ... bit of a crush on this boy :P
Main characteristics of Nu Goth:

  • Black (well durr)
  • Lots of crosses
  • High waisted shorts
  • Oversized cardigans and jumpers
  • Vest tops
  • Black circular glasses

I personally quite like the Nu Goth look. It shares a lot of similarities with my own wardrobe (pre gyaru-o) and I think it combines the best parts of the Hipster look with my favourite bits of the Goth look. Ignoring the special snowflake attitude and sometimes childlike notion of "Goth" notice exhibit A the upside down coffin and cross it's a style I would like to see grow and gain a larger following as it offers something more interesting to look at on the street. Because I literally cannot take another pair of chinos! 

Thank you for reading,
                                   Tobi <3

One of my favourite brands at the moment is Long Clothing which could be incorporated into a Nu Goth look. Please feel free to check them out <3

P.S. I am going out "shopping" and for a meal on Thursday with my friend Craig and I am taking some photos of my make-up and some outfits for my art exam this weekend so finally you can see some proper photos of me (NOT TAKEN IN PURIKURA) before the end of this week :) x

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Can Men Wear Heels?

In the last few years androgyny has been a major trend in designer fashion with designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier backing this trend using the fabulously beautiful Andrej Pejic in both his Women's and Men's catwalk shows.

Andrej Pejic is a big inspiration for me not only because he is an inspiration for all feminine boys, transgender people, transsexual and androgynous people but he is also taken seriously as a model within the fashion industry and the media. Another one of my favourite androgynous models is Stella Tennant who proves that a women can be both "handsome" and attractive.

However the main focus of this post is not androgyny but whether men can pull off wearing heels. This is something that has been bugging me for a while because I see a lot of stylish Korean and Japanese guys wearing cuban heels and wedge boots which has made me want to invest in some "women's" shoes. At parties I always try on my friends heels and run around a bit (as I have tiny girls feet I can fit in their shoes and trust me when I say I can walk in heels with no problem ; P) so why can't men wear "heels?" I am currently obsessing over Litas and I'm tempted to ask for some for my birthday but I am also worried that I'll get them and always be too scared to wear them and they will end up being a waste.

So after a little googleing I found these.

I don't know about you but I personally think that heels don't look too bad on these guys?

Emmie one of the most stylish people I know recently posted a video of these guys on twitter.

After seeing these guys I had come to a conclusion. Not only can men pull heels off. THEY CAN WEAR THEM BETTER THAN 95% OF WOMEN! I can honestly say that now I can't wait to buy me some heels and that I shall wear them with confidence and feel fabulous.

So now on my wish list are:

mmmmmm aren't they all beautiful <3

What are your thoughts on heels for men?

Journey to a New Style: part 1

For me, changing my look is a way of moving on, of getting over a period in my life or an unhealthy obsession. While Betty Boop washed that man out of her hair I dye my men out of it. For the last few months I have been in limbo between wanting to break away from gal while still loving the fashion, and while it will always have a special place in my heart I think I have found something better that is more the me that I want to be, and more like the me I used to know.

Recently I have been looking more and more at photos of Felice Fawn. A totally gorgeous model, photographer and artist who combines high street and designer fashion with Goth aesthetics and her love of the occult. (These are all the main qualities of the "Nu Goth" look which I have subsequently been researching now as a result)

(mmmmmm litas! <3)
The more I learn about her the more I feel inspired to start working on my wardrobe and my look again. When I was 11 I discovered Wicca while on holiday in Boscastle, the home of the worlds largest witchcraft museum. Around the same time I met my second cousins at a family party, who were all into alternative and Gothic fashion (so it turns out I get my interests from my mums side) and it opened my eyes up to a whole new world. I'm now starting to revisit some of these things, albeit only in a fashion sense but I'm beginning to feel re-connected with my little 11 year old self and excited once again.

In this series of blog posts I'm going to track my progress into my new style, inspired by Felice Fawn, my own former interests and the idea of the "Nu Goth."

I am excited about where this journey is going to take me ^_^

P.S. Do you think I could pull off Litas even though I'm a guy?

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Welcome to my new blog

In the last 3 months a lot has happened in my life, I have lost a lot but also learnt a lot and am beginning to feel a general sense of catharsis regarding my losses. While it is important to remember ones past and look to the future, I am choosing to focus on the present and the immediate future. I am coming to the end of my A Levels, and applying to Universities. This represents the end of my childhood and the beginnings of my adult life.

I want this blog to be a diary about interesting things that happen in my life as well as an archive of my inspirations.

Ok boring shit over! <3 x

New Beginning <3