Tuesday, 25 September 2012

New Place!

Oona and my place is currently being renovated for the next three and a half months so recently I have had a bit of a housing crisis. Luckily for me the  gorgeous Sini is not using her apartment in Vantaa and offered to let me stay there. Yesterday she came over and we hung out together and did our usual blogger life stuff.

Coat: Deepstyle
Top: Camden
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Vans
(miracle! for once I know where my clothes come from)

I also got a new pair of shoes and this lovely bag!

Pink vans
Vintage leather bag from Marc O'Polo
Cruella Deville Sini looking fabulous in her faux coat
People often wonder how we have the time and money to be out all the time doing fun things well ... our lives really aren't that special. For example the real reason why Sini and I were out together was because she had to pick up her post and I needed to go food shopping! (fabulous life)

Me with my shopping
Also as my mum has been complaining that I never put anything in my blog about my new life, here is a photo of the building where I live now.

I'm in the building on the right!

A random photo of the area
I am also flying home for a visit on the 8th of October to celebrate my mums birthday and see my family and my doggy. I have missed everyone so much! This gif is what our reunion will be like. 

Ab Fab makes everything better!
 P.S. I just bought a camera so I will be able to blog more about my life rather than rely on my friends to take photos for me.

Bye for now. Tobi x 

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Fashion and Makeup

About two weeks ago I did some "modelling" for my friend Heikki who needed to test out a new lens. Unfortunately I had the flu really badly so I looked dead in all the photos. I took my own outfit and also bought some of Heikkis clothes from him which I wore as a second outfit. Here are the best photos.

Shirt: All Saints
Jeans: Topman
The Rest: Oona of course

Tracksuit: Jeremy Scott
Fur gloves: Fur stall in Paris
The rest: No idea!
I have also been trying out the kpop inspired eye makeup and a website that makes gifs. The first look was from last week, I got incredibly drunk and threw up on a bus after being kicked out of DTM. Embarrassing for me but a proud moment for my friends as it is part of the "becoming Finnish"  initiation. 
That is a killer eye spasm I have going on! <3
The second look is for tonight's party celebrating Davy and Ralf's birthdays. I was inspired by Nu-Goth fashion, Key from shinee and TOP from Bigbang. We will probably all have blog posts about tonight's party so stay tuned.

Awkward posing.

I hope you are all having a nice autumn, it's bloody freezing in this country already! I never thought I would consider England warm but the world (particularly Finland) is full of surprises. Tobi x

(p.s. to my family and friends who read this, I promise I will start blogging more about my life here and not just fashiony stuff, as my mum has already told me off for being boring!)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Lazy Helsinki Days

Moi! I have spent the last few days hanging out in Central with friends. Last Thursday Sini, Oona and I went to wrong noodle and did some window shopping.

Jacket: From Heikki
Scarf: Oona stole it from her mum
T-shirt: Present from Oona
Jeans: Deepstyle
Shoes: No idea (im so helpful)
 My look on this day was a lot more casual than normal and I didn't do my hair or makeup. Sometimes it's nice to just relax and not make as much of an effort as long as it looks okay and isn't too boring. I love the new top that Oona bought for me in Italy, anything with Gaga is always good <3

Sini snapped this cute photo of Oona when we were testing the camera settings <3
Soy, udon in a sesame sauce.
Wrong noodle is one of my favourite places to hang out in Helsinki. With portions so big you often have to take the rest home and a well organised and easy to use menu. For less than 10 euros it's definitely worth going to some time. Not to mention it tastes so good! (but the satay sauce could be better)

Helsinki keskusta
Yliopistonkatu 5, 00100 Helsinki
Tel.             020 1555 623      
Auki: ma-pe 11-21, la 12-21, su 13-19

On Friday I met up with my friend Eemil (Pin) and we went shopping and ate McDonalds. Here is my outfit. 

I wanted to try out wearing some more eye makeup again because I feel too dull without it. I had an image of Key from Shinee in my head when coming up with this look and makeup. I think it is a little too heavy but I will try it again and find a style that I am happy with. The top is second hand from Heikki and the jeans are my favourite pair from H&M. The whole look was meant to be based on "Korean Idols"

Key makeup inspiration.
This is just a little update and I have more things to post soon. Let me know what you think of the makeup and outfits. 

Also if any of you have a lookbook please fan me:  http://lookbook.nu/thelittleprince

P.S. I want to change my hair colour, any suggestions?

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Fabulous day with Sini

Sorry for not updating earlier but I don't own a camera and not much has been going on. Today I spent the day with my hilarious and very fabulous partner in public singing crime Sini. (her blog is in Finnish but totally worth checking out) We went window shopping, trying to find things for her autumn/winter wardrobe and then we had lunch together.

Jumper: Gina Tricot
Jeans: H&M womens
Shoes: They belong to Oona, I stole them.
Accessories: H&M
I know it seems silly, but I wasn't too sure about my first outfit so I bought another top to change into which I did halfway during the day as I felt uncomfortable. Here is the second look.

 While we were walking back towards the city centre some crazy man handed us both a bible each. Here was my reaction. Sini's was just as severe.

 After the religious onslaught some nice but probably drunk old man asked us if we wanted our photo taken together. Not the best photographer but he gave it a good go :)

 After the obligatory blogging we went for lunch to the best salad place in Helsinki. I had tuna and artichokes with a lemon dressing. Sini had chicken and parmesan with a vinegar dressing.

I also bought some cute kpop socks before I came to Finland. Here are my TOP ones I wore today :) 

Oh just in case anyone was wondering what I have been doing with my free time, here is a picture. Lets just say there was a lot of vomit to be cleaned up that night, in true suomi style!

I hope you are all enjoying autumn and not feeling too depressed about the oncoming winter. Just think of all the hot chocolate you will have!

See you soon, Tobi x

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Grown up and back in Finland!

It's official! I am now old. This month has been full of big changes and scary decisions but I feel like things are now on the right track and I am growing up. When I turned 18 I thought it was time for a bit of a change so I cut my hair and stopped wearing eye make-up like I used to. Let me know what you all think! I think it makes me look older and suits me better.

I had a very emotional last few days in England and I am already missing home and missing English things. My mum cried for four hours when I left and I had to stop myself crying at the airport but what I miss most right now is proper fish and chips and English tea!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mummy if you are reading this can you send me some tea :D 

On my last day in England my sister and I took these photos as our goodbye photos x
When I arrived Alex and Tuomas were waiting for me and we went out for a drink phone shopping. As you can see it went well but unfortunately Golden Flake bar didn't have any phones.

I'm sorry that Alex was too lazy to send me his photos without the watermark!
Oona and I getting ready to go out x

and then the end result, hangover pizza in the park! That was the quickest I have ever eaten a whole pizza. Olen laski!

Okay this was just a quick post to say that I am in Finland, I promise I will post some more interesting stuff soon. I hope the bad weather and start of school isn't making everyone depressed!

Tobi x