Sunday, 16 September 2012

Lazy Helsinki Days

Moi! I have spent the last few days hanging out in Central with friends. Last Thursday Sini, Oona and I went to wrong noodle and did some window shopping.

Jacket: From Heikki
Scarf: Oona stole it from her mum
T-shirt: Present from Oona
Jeans: Deepstyle
Shoes: No idea (im so helpful)
 My look on this day was a lot more casual than normal and I didn't do my hair or makeup. Sometimes it's nice to just relax and not make as much of an effort as long as it looks okay and isn't too boring. I love the new top that Oona bought for me in Italy, anything with Gaga is always good <3

Sini snapped this cute photo of Oona when we were testing the camera settings <3
Soy, udon in a sesame sauce.
Wrong noodle is one of my favourite places to hang out in Helsinki. With portions so big you often have to take the rest home and a well organised and easy to use menu. For less than 10 euros it's definitely worth going to some time. Not to mention it tastes so good! (but the satay sauce could be better)

Helsinki keskusta
Yliopistonkatu 5, 00100 Helsinki
Tel.             020 1555 623      
Auki: ma-pe 11-21, la 12-21, su 13-19

On Friday I met up with my friend Eemil (Pin) and we went shopping and ate McDonalds. Here is my outfit. 

I wanted to try out wearing some more eye makeup again because I feel too dull without it. I had an image of Key from Shinee in my head when coming up with this look and makeup. I think it is a little too heavy but I will try it again and find a style that I am happy with. The top is second hand from Heikki and the jeans are my favourite pair from H&M. The whole look was meant to be based on "Korean Idols"

Key makeup inspiration.
This is just a little update and I have more things to post soon. Let me know what you think of the makeup and outfits. 

Also if any of you have a lookbook please fan me:

P.S. I want to change my hair colour, any suggestions?


  1. Haha your first outfit description was so helpful, almost everything was from your friends Hahaha :D :D But i like your both outfits! ^^ your make up looks nice, i would like to see close-up photos from it. ^^

    1. Haha I know :P Thank you! next time I will try and get some close up photos :) x