Saturday, 22 September 2012

Fashion and Makeup

About two weeks ago I did some "modelling" for my friend Heikki who needed to test out a new lens. Unfortunately I had the flu really badly so I looked dead in all the photos. I took my own outfit and also bought some of Heikkis clothes from him which I wore as a second outfit. Here are the best photos.

Shirt: All Saints
Jeans: Topman
The Rest: Oona of course

Tracksuit: Jeremy Scott
Fur gloves: Fur stall in Paris
The rest: No idea!
I have also been trying out the kpop inspired eye makeup and a website that makes gifs. The first look was from last week, I got incredibly drunk and threw up on a bus after being kicked out of DTM. Embarrassing for me but a proud moment for my friends as it is part of the "becoming Finnish"  initiation. 
That is a killer eye spasm I have going on! <3
The second look is for tonight's party celebrating Davy and Ralf's birthdays. I was inspired by Nu-Goth fashion, Key from shinee and TOP from Bigbang. We will probably all have blog posts about tonight's party so stay tuned.

Awkward posing.

I hope you are all having a nice autumn, it's bloody freezing in this country already! I never thought I would consider England warm but the world (particularly Finland) is full of surprises. Tobi x

(p.s. to my family and friends who read this, I promise I will start blogging more about my life here and not just fashiony stuff, as my mum has already told me off for being boring!)


  1. You had nice photoshoot with Heikki ^^ They both would be from fashion magazine :D I also like your both make up what you made~ ♥ *o* They both looks very good on you ^^

  2. you such a model ; ) love the pics boy! xx

  3. You still look good even half dead from the flu. XDD But please don't leave so much chest exposed when you're sick. ♡ *fuss fuss*

    P.S. OMG that second gif..! *swoon*

    1. Hehe, everyone keeps telling me off for wearing so little, but I don't have any jumpers and I get hot too easily! and Thank you ;) x

  4. Oooh, wishing I looked good when down with the flu! I look like a zombie <3 Stop being pretty x

  5. OOOOHHHH look at you gyal! Though RIP your liver

    1. RIP liver! he was good while he lasted, but he just couldn't take the heat! xx <3

  6. You look good with this shorter hairstyle ��

  7. You totally look like a model !(◎_◎;) Or at least like a member of a 90's boy band (I miss them ><)

    Your makeup skills are ❤❤❤❤ :)