Tuesday, 25 September 2012

New Place!

Oona and my place is currently being renovated for the next three and a half months so recently I have had a bit of a housing crisis. Luckily for me the  gorgeous Sini is not using her apartment in Vantaa and offered to let me stay there. Yesterday she came over and we hung out together and did our usual blogger life stuff.

Coat: Deepstyle
Top: Camden
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Vans
(miracle! for once I know where my clothes come from)

I also got a new pair of shoes and this lovely bag!

Pink vans
Vintage leather bag from Marc O'Polo
Cruella Deville Sini looking fabulous in her faux coat
People often wonder how we have the time and money to be out all the time doing fun things well ... our lives really aren't that special. For example the real reason why Sini and I were out together was because she had to pick up her post and I needed to go food shopping! (fabulous life)

Me with my shopping
Also as my mum has been complaining that I never put anything in my blog about my new life, here is a photo of the building where I live now.

I'm in the building on the right!

A random photo of the area
I am also flying home for a visit on the 8th of October to celebrate my mums birthday and see my family and my doggy. I have missed everyone so much! This gif is what our reunion will be like. 

Ab Fab makes everything better!
 P.S. I just bought a camera so I will be able to blog more about my life rather than rely on my friends to take photos for me.

Bye for now. Tobi x 


  1. I like your jacket alot! Really cool outfit! :)

  2. Just stumbled onto this blog. Another "Hey everybody check me out, aren't I the cutest litle gay guy" blog. And there is some serious money behind this free and easy lifestyle. Well done for taking advantage of it.

    1. Thanks babes ;) I do my best <3 remember fake it until you make it! x