Saturday, 6 October 2012

How to find your own style

This might seem ironic, coming from a person whose style is quite generic but I wanted to make a post about finding your own personal style and where to find fashion inspiration. The "journey" to finding your own style can be a very long one and honestly never really ends as your style and likes will always be changing but the following "sources" of inspiration will always apply.

There are several places I get my fashion and style inspiration from, the first place I am going to talk about is Lookbook. I think a lot of people get put off of by this website because they feel that it's only for blogger type people to post their own pictures. It's not! I think everyone interested in fashion should have an account because it is an incredible way to find a wide variety of styles and incredibly talented and stylish people who you would never normally come across. One of my favourite things is seeing how peoples style has changed and progressed throughout their looks.
Here is an example of one of the "looks" that I love.

His Lookbook: Here
So please! all of you go and make lookbook accounts! (and don't forget to follow me here)

The second place I find a lot of my inspiration from is Tumblr. I know this one seems very obvious. After all, everyone has one but I'm sure many of you, like me, are stuck following the same type of blogs that all reblog each other and you never see anything new. Well I have two recommendations for finding fashion inspiration from Tumblr. My first tip is to use Google  It is a much more direct way of finding a certain interest Tumblr rather than searching through tags for hours. So if you are interested in androgynous fashion then Google "androgynous Tumblr"  or "androgyny Tumblr " My second tip is to change the blogs you follow. To do this find the fashion pictures you like that people you follow have re-blogged and look at the people who they re-blogged them from until you find a more fashion orientated Tumblr that you like. I know it sounds like a lot of effort, but isn't looking through lots of crappy pictures what we do on Tumblr anyway? ;)

Here are some of the pics I found from my Tumblr searches that really inspire me!

If any of you would like to follow me on Tumblr it's here: FOLLOW (I put it in bold to make you want to follow me even more)

The next place I find inspiration from is Internet Celebrities/Net Idols. This one crosses over with Tumblr as it is the easiest place to find photos of them. I don't really know how to find these people, I just stumble across them on my searches. The net Idols who inspire me most at the moment are Charles Guislain and An Ming.

And finally, this is going to be cheesy I'm sorry but one of the biggest sources of inspiration for me is my friends! I know most people don't have friends who are as fashion conscious as mine (when you are waiting for three hours for everyone to turn up to a party because they are all busy doing their hair it is not always a good thing!!!) but we all know people who dress well, even if they are only online acquaintances. Sharing brands, talking about inspiration etc. are all perks of having friends who are interested in fashion and style, whether they are gyaru friends, Goth friends or just friends that always seem to be wearing the latest must have item! Talk with your friends about the things you like, ask them questions and share tips :) that way we will all live in a more beautiful world! (God knows, I was a state before I came to Finland, not that I am much better now)

(I'm sure I am going to be told off for posting pictures of them but I don't care!)

The stunning Marinka
Heikki (who has very nice arms)
The always gorgeous Viivi
"Always doing his bloody hair" Alex

The beautiful (and clinically insane) Sini

Niklas whose wardrobe I would steal if it wasn't a million sizes too big!
And all of these crazy, eclectic sources of inspiration have come together in the form of this ...

 ... and that is just the beginning. 

I hope you found this blog posts helpful! If you have any questions or want to tell me what your biggest sources of inspiration are please feel free to leave a comment on this post! <3 x 

In other news, I have been asked to model for Fawn&Faith who are launching their menswear collection next month. There stuff is Nu Goth meets young british designer. I am so excited!!! The shoot will be some time in the next two weeks.


  1. Thank you for making this post. I, for a long time and still are having problems finding my personal style. I can never stick to one style which I find really annoying as I can never go 100% for a style which leads to I'm halvhearted in whatever I try. I always wished I had friends that was so obsessed with clothes and styling as me, but unfortunately I don't have many I can talk about fashion with for hours. You're a really lucky guy there and I must say damn boy, your super stylish <3

    1. That is exactly how I have been feeling for the past 8 months! you like so many things but cant do them all and can't choose! but honestly its being around my friends that has given me some direction. I'm sure you talk to some great gals online that can offer you some advice etc.? and thank you so much <3 I would like to think that I am getting there with my look xxx

  2. Aww Tobi, you're one of my favorite inspirations on finding out a style for me. Pretty sure that if I hadn't met you I wouldn't have tried out half of the styles I've been through. Good blog post ^^

  3. awww :) i loved your post
    btw, that guy on first pic is this guy;

    1. Aw thank you! ^_^ and thank you for the link :) x (going to follow now!) x

  4. damn these boys have such balls to dress that way.. i feel like such a pussy in comparison haha


    1. It's just a matter of caring less about what people think and more about your self expression through your style xx :)