Thursday, 25 October 2012

Going Down Down ... South

Hello everyone. Today I travelled down to the south coast to visit my Auntie because of tomorrows James Bond preview. The premier was last night but my Aunt and Uncle had problems with their tickets so they had to miss it. Tomorrows preview is a special charity event in an old Victorian cinema hosted by a Bond girl from the 90's with a special talk by one of the screen writers. Apparently there is going to be a special bar for the local sparking wines which are meant to rival the champagne region in France which I am very much looking forward to!

Her new house on the beach front

My auntie and my cousin <3
Dune the dog <3

Tired, no makeup face!

The whole of England has been under fog the last few days. Although we have had quite warm weather, its meant to get freezing soon!

My cousin Phoebe and me (slightly over shopped, I had a few spot issues and went a bit over the top)

This is just a little post, I will blog about the preview in the next few days and on Sunday I am back  in London to visit my friend Fran and party so I shall blog then as well! I hope you are all working hard on your Halloween costumes, Ciao for now x Tobi x


  1. Replies
    1. Haha yes it's fabulous! I'm pretending to be a Kimbolton rich boy ;) xx shush you I look bad good luck with your f&f stuff today!! Xxx

  2. The house is so fabulous lol The dog is so cute! And oh my Bond preview~ While i finished my college period, and have one week and half of vacation lol YAY Brazilian system

    1. I feel like a movie star or something in this house haha x Enjoy your holiday :D x