Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Tea Please!

Hello everyone! I have quite a few things to tell you about. First of all (for personal reasons) I am back in England for a couple of months, staying with my Mum. I will be back in Helsinki in January and after that who knows where! Second, my new camera arrived and I am in love with it, there really is no better feeling that opening a big parcel you ordered weeks ago.

Also I have some fun stuff lined up. Tomorrow I am going to a Marina and the Diamonds concert in London with Lucinda the designer for Fawn&Faith. Expect a blog post about it, we will be chilling in Camden and Brick Lane being generic London fashion bitches. Also next week is the shoot for Fawn&Faith which I am very excited about! and the following week I have been invited to a special preview of the new bond film Skyfall down in Sussex on the south coast of England, apparently one of the writers will be giving a talk and there will also be a bond girl from the 90's there! I have always been in love with bond girls. Their characters are so beautifully tragic. They are nothing more than  beautiful possessions of rich men always with unfortunate ends. So I shall be sure to blog about that! 

Anyway here are a few photos I took today while walking with my mum and my silly dog.

Typical English country side, bad weather and boring flat fields.

Jumper: Gina Tricot
Long Sleeve Top: Dorothy Perkins
Jeans: Second Hand
Heeled Trainers: River Island
My Dog Herbie <3

A street from the little village where my mum lives
I hope everyone is having a nice autumn and are not too cold. I know Finland is starting to get bloody freezing. Also I am looking forward to Halloween but don't have any plans yet. I hope something comes up soon!
Here are my favourite songs at the moment, Enjoy.

Adele recorded the theme tune to the new bond film and it is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard! It is massive in England at the moment, definitely worth listening to.

Also my all time favourite singer, Loreen has just bought out her Swedish and International singles from her album Heal which is coming out at the end of this month they are "My Heart is Refusing Me" (international) and "Crying Out Your Name" (Swedish.) I have all three of these songs on a repeat playlist on my Ipod I would definitely recommend all of them!

Peace! (as Loreen would say) <3 x


  1. i didn't had the chance to comment before lol Your style changed so much! You became prettier and looks happy~ I know i'm just a follower lol But i was looking -stalking- you for a long time. I hope the personal reasons are not seriously or anything bad~ I really want to see you modeling for Fawn&Faith!

    Ps. Your dog is so cute lol

    1. This is my favourite comment I have ever received! <3 Thank you so much :) I don't consider people to be "just followers" I love interacting with people no matter who they are! Don't worry they are not bad just grown up life problems :) He is cute but a total nightmare! xxx

  2. Hi! IM Fran, a spanish male fashion blogger. Maybe you like my style and want to follow me...

    1. You didn't have the courtesy to Follow me first before asking nor to establish a friendship or even a business relationship with me, also your outfits are boring and your photos are very bad quality, non blurry images are kind of a must. So no thanks!