Friday, 29 March 2013


Hello everyone! I am so sorry I haven't updated before now but I don't have internet where I am staying. I am having an amazing time in Ireland despite the atrocious weather (better than England though) On the second, I start an intensive Spanish course at the Spanish institute here which I am so looking forward to! 
I think I will be in Ireland for at least two months, if anyone is visiting or lives in Ireland and wants to meet up feel free to message me, it would be great to make some friends here :)

Anyway on to the photos! I flew out last Wednesday on the Irish delight that is Ryanair.

I'm staying in the city centre in the row of Georgian houses below. 

I'm staying with Donald, my mums best friend and one half of Irish design team Tyrrell & Brennan (name drop) and I went to their studio and showroom last week.

It's so cold here (especially after Argentina) that I've been wearing my winter coat that I bought in Helsinki, every single day.

The Irish government buildings on the street where I live

That's all for now! I shall try and post again next week if I can. Now that it has stopped raining I will go out and take some better photos of beautiful Dublin. I hope the weather isn't affecting too many people out there! To all of my friends and family in Finland, Spain, Argentina and England I know I am distant at the moment but I am thinking about all of you and I love you :) 

Tobi :) <3 x

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Don't Cry for Me Argentina

Hello everyone! I have a lot of news to tell you all. 
Unfortunately I had to leave Buenos Aires last week due to some very personal issues involving family. 
I'm not going to get into any details about it but don't worry! Everything is sort of okay now. 
Here are my photos from my last week :) <3 I miss Everyone so much! x

My Uncle and Aunt <3

With my Cousins <3

There is something about two dads with empty wallets, carrying a hell of a lot of shopping bags that really cheers me up! <3 

Last Sunday, my dad, my uncle and his family and I went out for the day to where we lived when I was a baby. Above is a photo of me and my dad (look how small he is!!!!!!!!!!) in front of our old house. After lunch we all went to the riverside to play Frisbee. 

The day before I left I met up with Lucas and Sebastian (my adopted parents) two old ladies with a bit too much facial hair to say goodbye. 

My flight left Buenos Aires last Thursday. It was incredibly sudden so I had quite a lot of money left and I bought the entire Havanna shop. 

This was about a third of my Havanna buys! Also due to the amount that I have been travelling recently I have started to feel a bit like a low budget, less bitchy Bryan Boy so I made sure I had some BB style in-flight reading. Also eww Diet Coke, I wanted Coke Zero.
The flight was about 13 hours long so I spent most of it enjoying the surprisingly good entertainment system. I started out watching Anna Karenina, a beautiful classic Russian romance ... and ended up watching cartoon network.

As I write this, I should be packing because I leave tomorrow lunchtime for Dublin (my whole life is spent at airports) I will be there for about a month, relaxing, studying and doing fun things.  Does anyone in Ireland read this blog? I will be staying in Dublin and hopefully spending some time in Wicklow. I'll do my best to take as many photos as possible. 
I am also hoping to go to Barcelona and France before the end of the summer as well. I start University in September/October in Wales to study French and Spanish. I'm excited and nervous.

Tobi x

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Indie Kid

Hola mis chicas, Cómo estás? This is just a little post based around my outfit from the other day. It is something I haven't done in a while. Clari and Guille (my cousins) knocked the top off my tripod so these photos aren't wonky for some cool affect it's just because my tripod isn't straight any more.

On Friday we went into Buenos Aires in the evening for a family dinner and this was my outfit.

1) My new shirt from La Toscana
2) Necklace, a present from my dad (Nigeria)
4) H&M jeans
5) Ankle Boots from Oona
6) Buffalo Leather bag

My beautiful baby <3

I loved this shirt because of it's little details and I tried my best to take photos of them. Please excuse my spot and my pathetic chest hair in the photo above but isn't the colourful beading around the popper amazing <3 You can also see my necklace as well :)

I love how the colourful embroidery thread and the beads contrast with such a boring manly shirt. It has definitely given me some ideas for future clothes related stuff. 

SPEAKING OF CLOTHES! My beautiful and extremely talented designer/model friend (name dropping because obviously she will be famous in the future and I must piggyback upon said fame like Gaultier at the Cannes film festival with Madonna) Lucinda has just released her new Sanctus collection and it is TO DIE FOR. The collection is called  Adramelech, named after the demon in charge of Satan's wardrobe. What people don't know about Lu is that she always sources the best quality fabrics for her work making them extremely comfortable and her digital prints are just SINFUL. It is a phenomenal collection, reminiscent of a love child between Christopher Kane and Gareth Pugh and I think every one of you reading this should go check it out! Here.

A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men - Roald Dahl
I hope everyone is enjoying the end of summer/looking forward to spring.
Tobi x 

Friday, 8 March 2013


Hola chicos! It's so hot here today, I love it! I've been swimming in the pool and sunbathing and tonight there is a family dinner/party. The more time I spend here the happier I am getting. I love the way of life and  the people, I am becoming more accustomed to everything and being able to enjoy myself more.
Here are this weeks photos :)

My uncles house where I am staying! It's outside of the city in a place called Pilar. It's a peaceful and relaxing place until you try to sleep and then the wild dogs outside of our compound start howling and fighting and I am ready to buy a bloody gun to get them to shut up. Speaking of dogs this is our Paca <3 She looks like a cross between an Alpaca and an oversized brush. 

Yesterday my dad and I went shopping in Galeria Pacifico. It's famous for having a beautiful painted ceiling. I managed to get an okay photo of it. 

Here are the things I bought.
1) A beaded denim shirt from La Toscana
2) Leather Wallet
3) Trousers from Rever Pass
4) Buffalo Leather Bag
5) Skin care products

The Buffalo Leather bag is my favourite item. The owner of the shop we bought it from showed me his bag which was exactly the same but 80 years old. The only difference between the two was that his was a richer, darker colour from age. It's the kind of thing you can pass down to your children and that will tell a story one day. 

In other news! I heard it is going to snow tomorrow in England ... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA enjoy this picture of me sunbathing by the pool. 

It isn't what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it - Mark Twain
Family photo <3
 Tobi x

Monday, 4 March 2013


Hello everyone, this post is just going to be a collection of my random photos.  A lot has changed in the last week and every new day I feel like a completely different person from the day before. I've never realised just how much I have taken for granted before or how fortunate I am.

 In the "first world" we often hear about poverty and the "third world." We are constantly bombarded by television adverts, posters and advertising campaigns and as a result we become numb to a reality that, until we see it, we will never understand no matter how many graphic images we see on the news. The other day I saw a little girl who can't have been older than two (it is hard to tell as malnourished children develop a lot slower than healthy children) eating out of a bin. 10 metres further on I saw an old man drinking the ice from a Mcdonalds  cup he had just pulled out of another bin. 

I am not going to turn into some over the top charity maniac. Honestly, I have never seen much evidence that charities make a substantial difference to those who need them most. I do however, have an entirely new outlook on life. 

I don't think I have a single friend who I haven't seen depressed or extremely unhappy at least once over something that seems completely irrelevant now. Including me! I have hit mental lows in my life that I have felt like I would never come back from but I feel like that will never happen to me again. I have seen things that, no matter how terrible my life seems, will make me always see the positive aspects of my life.

Anyway! sorry for that downer introduction but I had to get it off my chest and my poor twitter followers need a break from emotional tweets. Here are my photos! While Buenos Aires is messy, dirty and broken in lots of ways it does have it's charm and  looks great in photos. 

Last week I went to my cousin Belen's apartment. She lives on the 20 something floor of an apartment in the north of the city. The photo above is the view from her balcony and the photo below is her roof top pool! I'm sad that it was too cold to go swimming. I still haven't used a pool here yet.

I don't know if I have mentioned it before but I was a vegetarian for 8 years until I came to Argentina. 
I don't like meat and my body seems to dislike it as well but I have no other choice as I just can't find any vegetarian options! ANYWHERE.  I tried a Mcdonalds "beef/horse/whatever other meat and rubbish they could find" burger. It was okay but not as good as I thought it would be.


I met up with my Florencia in the afternoon and we went to Puerto Madero. For a nice walk and to hang out. I tried another burger which was a bit better.

We walked to the famous Pink Palace where Evita and Madonna both stood. I'm sorry the picture quality is so bad. There was also a demonstration in Plaza de Mayo about the Once tragedy (WHICH THE DISGUSTING EXCUSE FOR A PRESIDENT HAS FAILED TO COMMENT ON, INTERESTING THAT THE ONLY WITNESS WAS MYSTERIOUSLY SHOT DEAD AS WELL WHEN THEY CALLED FOR AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE GOVERNMENTS INVOLVEMENT) 

Last week I moved out of the city to Pilar to live with my uncle and his family. If there is one thing I have noticed it is that there is not a single sane person in my family. Here are my cousins, Guille and Clari.

Finally, here is a picture from saturday night. Sebastian, my uncle Mariano, Diego, Lucas and me. After our barbeque we went to a club called eyeliner because Lourdes from Las Bandanas (latin american spice girls) was performing! 

The day is what you make it! so why not make it a great one? - Steve Schulte