Friday, 29 March 2013


Hello everyone! I am so sorry I haven't updated before now but I don't have internet where I am staying. I am having an amazing time in Ireland despite the atrocious weather (better than England though) On the second, I start an intensive Spanish course at the Spanish institute here which I am so looking forward to! 
I think I will be in Ireland for at least two months, if anyone is visiting or lives in Ireland and wants to meet up feel free to message me, it would be great to make some friends here :)

Anyway on to the photos! I flew out last Wednesday on the Irish delight that is Ryanair.

I'm staying in the city centre in the row of Georgian houses below. 

I'm staying with Donald, my mums best friend and one half of Irish design team Tyrrell & Brennan (name drop) and I went to their studio and showroom last week.

It's so cold here (especially after Argentina) that I've been wearing my winter coat that I bought in Helsinki, every single day.

The Irish government buildings on the street where I live

That's all for now! I shall try and post again next week if I can. Now that it has stopped raining I will go out and take some better photos of beautiful Dublin. I hope the weather isn't affecting too many people out there! To all of my friends and family in Finland, Spain, Argentina and England I know I am distant at the moment but I am thinking about all of you and I love you :) 

Tobi :) <3 x


  1. Hello Tobi! I just saw this post :) I live in Ireland anc can meet up with you if you'd like? I love meeting new friends from other countries. Do you have a Facebook by any chance?

    1. Yay I'd love that! Tobi Allende is my Facebook :) xxx