Friday, 12 April 2013

Brazilians and Vikings

Hello my lovelies  I am currently on hold to HSBC on the phone and have been for an hour so I've decided to write a blog post with the phone to my ear and prove a point that no matter how hard they FUCKING try they are not going to waste my time. The bastards.

Anyway, deep breaths! keep calm and carry on. 
My last two weeks have been filled with growing a beard, sexy Brazilian boys and my Spanish classes! I've also been going out to some Latin music nights here in Dublin. You can take the boy out of south america but you can't take the short temper, the short man syndrome and the mood swings out of the boy. 
My beard doesn't show up very well in this photo but it's quite sexy in real life ;) My friends are called Alberto, Caio and Thales and they are from Sao Paulo so they talk in Portuguese and I sit there drinking hot chocolate :D

The other day mis Brazilenos and I went to Stephens Green and a museum in the city centre together. 

Now for the Viking/Irish things!

Finally, through to someone at HSBC ... isn't adult life fun! I love calling up my bank. It's such a pleasurable experience -_- anyway! tonight I am going to another Latin night but I am taking my Brazilians with me :) 

... omg I can't understand a word they're saying and they aren't answering my questions! 

Okay I should go now before I over-rant about HSBC I promise I will try and update again within the next week. 

Bye xxx Tobi xxx


  1. Those Irish things look like taken out of a Game of Thrones set *o*
    That beard suits youuuu!!! Awwnn you look like you've grown up a lot this while ^-^
    I like to see your doing okay and passing time with more Latinamerican friends ;)


    1. Game of thrones is filmed in Ireland :D it's also based upon ancient england/ireland/scotland hehe thank you I have grown up a lot. I am missing Argentina so much :( but yes I have my own little bit of latin america here with me :D <3 xxxx