Monday, 30 April 2012

Vivienne Westwood, Gyaruo and KPOP

Hello everyone! I haven't updated this blog in a while because I have been super busy with my exams. In fact I shouldn't be writing this now, I should be working on my exam prep for tomorrows exam but oh well ... I'll do that later I promise YOLO. 
Yesterday my best friend Lorraine came up to my house from London for the first time. Normally I go see her in London and we have fun kawaii weabo times in Chinatown and whatnot but we have been talking about her coming up for a while and I needed some help with my artwork so she came for moral support to get me through it. Unfortunately we didn't have that long because she needed to get back early so we didn't have any time for fun gyaru shit or to style her wig. 
I woke up super bloody early so I could get ready and dress in gyaruo for her which took way longer than it used to (I blame the hair). I haven't dressed in gyaruo for about 4/5 months! So it was nice to try it out again. As you can see I have quite a few men's egg magazines and I tried out one of the hair tutorials for the first time! I missed the smell of Gatsby. The feeling on my fingers not so much.

All of my men's eggs.

 Here is my gyaruo outfit. Coat Deepstyle, Bag Kenzi, Tops Deepstyle and New Look, Fur gloves from a BI PRODUCT fur stall in Paris, Jeans from some Korean seller on ebay, Chains from London Chinatown market thingy (below purikura the weird punk bit) and boots are from House of Fraser. LOL look at my weabo posters! excuse the weird pink blanket I put it down when I paint in my room.
 Just another shot of  my outfit.

Also Lorraine brought me a little present. A few years ago she bought an oversized top from Vivienne Westwood but she hasn't worn it since then because she doesn't think it suits her so she gave it to me. I LOVE WESTWOOD LORRAINE <3 This is why she is my best friend! ;) Lorraine has very expensive taste so buys lots of shit then decides she doesn't like it and gives it to me (like my gyaru lashes) so yeah ... SHE IS THE BEST.
 This is me derping badly in my Westwood. LOOK AT THE SIZE OF IT. I CAN'T HANDLE IT. IT IS A TENT. I am officially one of those idiots you see walking around wearing some hideous outfit that is "fashionable" because it's got a label on it ;) and the best bit is ... I DON'T EVEN CARE! This is my first Westwood item so I am very happy ^_^ I think it would look better with black leggings or jeans and ankle boots but I only had limited shit available. I love my Lorraine <3

Lorraine took a picture of me working and being all arty!
In other news I can't believe I didn't hear this song sooner but earlier this month 4 minute released this new song! I love 4 Minute so much, they are my second favourite kpop girl group after 2NE1. In the last few months I have gone off kpop a bit because it was all sounding a bit samey and I was super disappointed with Shinee's "come back" but Big Bangs Fantastic Baby and this song have restored my faith in those sexy Koreans. I still can't believe I missed 4 minute when they were in England :(

I love the styling in this vid! Bold prints, Biker meets Boho and Korean sexy Goth. It probably deserves a post to it's own but I totally cba right now! I am going to be so busy this week with another two final exams that I don't think I will be able to update for a while. 

I hope you didn't get too bored reading about my boring shit! Enjoy the song ^_^ x 


  1. Those trousers XD can't believe it doesn't have a button lmao

    1. LOL shuup ;) x leave my cheap ebay shit alone! <3 xxx

  2. i love that Vivienne Westwood shirt its so huuuge :O
    Yaay you love 2NE1 &+ Fantastic Baby too LOL
    Thanksz for posting the 4minute song didn't even know they had a new one out! x)

    1. Thank you :D x eek yes <3 and my pleasure ^_^ x I shall post anything new and cool I find kpop or otherwise :) <3 xxx