Thursday, 5 April 2012

Nu Goth Inspiration: Beth Ditto Style Queen!

Finally I have been hit by some inspiration! Today Gossip's new video came out with Beth Ditto looking even more incredible than before. Now this is a phrase you never thought you would hear me say but Beth Ditto is MY KIND OF WOMEN. She is unconventional, beautiful, unique, independent and DROP DEAD GORGEOUS in a slightly unusual way. So I thought I would make this blog post about how she inspires me in a "gothy" way.

Gossip's new song Perfect World is cooler and a bit more chilled than their older stuff yet still with that rocky Gossip edge. This vibe is mirrored by Beth Ditto in the video who is rocking a Morticia Addams meets a Gothic reinterpretation of the 60's kind of look. So just in case any of you don't know who she is or what she looks like here are some pics of the Gorgeous Beth :) 

 For me her make-up and her bold yet simple fashion choices are what make her "look" so special. Her pale skin, heavy eye make-up and dark hair give her the darker Goth like appearance and for anyone who is interested in Goth fashion yet doesn't want to wear just black or appear too stereotypically "Goth" Beth's style offers a great alternative for you.
She might be plus sized but she is also incredible comfortable with her body, often stripping down to her underwear when on stage. With this comfortability comes her confidence to use her size to create more of a style impact, for example heavy shoulder pads, Bright bold colours and prints as well as figure hugging one pieces turning her into a fierce work of art.

Thinking about how I could apply Beth's style to my own and to "Nu Goth" as I see it, I came up with two outfit ideas based upon some recent clothes and accessories I have been drooling over. One outfit for "guys" and one for "girls."

So first the "Girls" look! I wanted to keep it simple because Beth doesn't bother with a lot of layers or too many accessories.
Rather than going for the more traditional simple Black Litas or the Gothic studded Litas I wanted a pair that incorporated Beth Dittos quirkiness and the silver star covered Litas were just perfect <3
The "Karl" by Karl Lagerfeld dress with ruffled detail around the neck and shoulders mixes Beth's love for big statement pieces with a wearable nu Goth like look.
The Alexander Mcqueen gold skull bracelet was an obvious choice for me as it completes the look and adds a bit of flare and colour contrast to the rest of the outfit which is all silver and black. I know normally people would say don't mix silver and gold but actually I think you can! It certainly works with this outfit.
(dress and bracelet can be bought on net a porter, litas from almost any online shoe shop)

 Now the guys!
The silver sequined skinny black jeans which I am desperate for add a little bit of sparkle to the look. Beth does love her sparkle.
The black cowl hooded top (which I wore in my grumpy gothboy look) giving it that darker sexy twist.
The red coat (which I have in grey) adds a touch of colour (Beth looks incredible in red) and the black fur trim matches the boots.
The necklace maks a big metal shiny statement, just like a lot of Ditto's jewellery and clothes (it also matches the jeans.)
Finally the shoes! wearable yet still stylish and a bit different. I want them as my casual trainers!
(all clothes by deepstyle)

 Obviously me being me I am not going to stick to a "guys" look so here is how I would wear it :)

(the top is from KTZ)

I hope you liked this post! It was fun to make <3 

Here is the music video that inspired this post!!!!! Please watch it <3 it's a great song and Beth looks HOT! <3 XXX

Thank you for reading ^_^ love you all <3 x

Links for the clothes.
Deepstyle. (cheaper but does not stock everything) for Alexander Mcqueen and Karl Lagerfeld

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