Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Style Crush: Adam Lambert

Okay this is just going to be a short one! I should be working right now as I have three exams in the next two weeks but oh well instead I am having a stalker moment. In case you didn't know, my perfect man is and always will be Adam Lambert. He is just perfect. Fact. End of. I will be his princess one day. He and I will marry in New York and then make sweet glitter covered love for the rest of our lives.

Putting my scary stalkerish feelings to one side (not to mention my scary plans for splitting him and his boyfriend up) I wanted to try and sanely talk about Lamberts fabulous style. Obviously I love me some makeup and some sparkle and my husband ... I mean future husband has all dat shit and more!!!

Lamberts style is what I call "suave a la gay" (the fancy French term). This translates for you silly people who do not speak French like me as lots of black, lots of shiny and lots of glitter. All elements that can make any outfit fabulous which combined together make GAY TRASH FABULOUS SEXY OUTFIT!

Here! have some sexy photos.

 Oh my that is one sexy shiny glitter covered studded spikey sexy outfit mr Lambert!

So as you can see he is utterly fabulous ... the word fabulous is becoming a bit of a thing of the past. It's a shame! all the young gays have adopted the tranny word FIERCE so I guess I should probably start using that :\ I don't want to be unfashionable after all! but then again I have always been a firm supporter of the classics. I mean just look at Cher! WOMEN IS HOT! anyway I digress #gayproblems ... oh yes back to Lambert!
To get the basic Lambert look you just need to remember:

Here is another picture of Lambert but this time I want to show you his SEXY make-up! ... CAN YOU NOT SEE HOW PERFECT HE IS?! LOOK AT THOSE GLITTER EYEBROWS. I am totally going to do make-up like this in the summer! Probably for my birthday.

Oh yeah almost forgot! Here is my Lambert inspired outfit! You have your shiny! You have your black! you have your sexy statement shoes! and of course a leather look top. Dat shit is hot.
It's me so obviously everything is Deepstyle and the shoes are Jeffrey Campbell
I totally want everything in this outfit! Especially those shoes and the jeans and the bracelets and the top and omg all of it! Anyway I am tired and my face hurts so I am going to go now. Oh Oh Oh! Adam Lamberts new album comes out at the end of next month I AM SO EXCITED! <3


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  2. Im gonna say i have nothing against gay people im just saying this guy dose not have a taste in fashion he looks like another poser trying to take goth clothing and making it look sissy and conformist like and for sexy man "Nero Bellum" takes it too so really this guy gets owned in every way!! PS:ewwwwww tanned -.-