Sunday, 8 July 2012

Happenings in Helsinki part 1

Hello everyone! Sorry I took so long to blog again but I have been very ill again (perfect timing) I have managed to still do some fun things though and this is a little post about some of them (I will do another post soon)
my outfit
Last week everyone met up in the park for little Saturday (tradition in Finland to get wasted in the middle of the week) now would be a good time to apologize for my English, over a week of just Finnish English and Finnish tv and I am unable to speak properly anymore, although my Finnish accent is pretty damn good! 

Here are some photos from the park.

Tuomas and Viivi
 Viivi's new hair is so fabulous :D

Tuomas, Oona and me :)

This was some weird apple-ade Finnish drink that I was drinking instead of alcohol because of my medication. (not drinking is weird in Finland)

Here is a random tourist photo of the Finnish government buildings, I think it looks really scary and Germanic.
Another Finnish thing I have become obsessed with is HESBURGER!!!!!!! I love it and have been 3 times already :P

 Alex loves hesburger too :)

 I always order the falafel meal :)

After the park we went to Jouni's place then after that Oona, a very drunk Alex and I walked home along the coast in the richest part of Helsinki at midnight. LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS AT MIDNIGHT HERE!!! This lightness is the reason I struggle to sleep at night. In England I am used to it getting very dark at night which it just doesn't do here during the summer!

And here are the things I have bought so far!

Dolce and Gabbana light blue deodorant as I have run out of the aftershave and I will use this as a filler until I chose a new one.

Here is a close up of the nail stuff from Viivi's shop! I bought a plain black nail polish, a stamp set and stamp plate with two different colours of stamp polish so expect me to post lots of nice nail pictures in the future.

That is all for now, I have been doing more things too and I shall post about them in the next few days, I hope everyone is having a nice summer, I know I am! Tobi :) xx


  1. I hope these mean you gonnado my nails when you get back ;D FEELS LIKE YOUVE BEEN GONE FOREVER THEY HAVE STOLEN OUR TOBI T0T

    1. hehe :D I need a lot of practice but when i get good then yes i shall! :) i don't ever want to leave! it's so nice here! how is brighton? you having a fabulous time with everyone? :D xxx