Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Happenings in Helsinki part 2

Moi! This is just another little update from Helsinki, because I have been ill I haven't been able to do too many exciting things but I did go to the park again and spent a wonderful weekend with Alex and Sini from Project Q. Sini is coming over again this afternoon and I'm sure I will take more pictures then.

To start here are the photos from the park.

I never knew this but Angry Birds is a Finnish invention! They have all sorts of angry birds merchandise and even an Angry Birds shop which I am going to visit soon. This drink was so yummy! I also had some Finnish raspberry-ade thing. I'm really into trying different Finnish soft drinks  as they have some quite strange things here it's quite fun, like playing russian roulette with drinks.

I was a bit of a fatty and decided to buy lots of cakes from Stockman's. I bought a giant champagne truffle, Strawberry and Vanilla sponge and a little apple tart. They were yummy but we were so full from our Hesburger visit that none of us could finish them.

yummy cakes
 Here is a picture of Sini being sociable on her phone :P

After the park we went back to Tiina and Toni's cute flat in central Helsinki, here is the view from the little roof smoking area. (everyone smokes here it's so disgusting ... like England ten years ago!!!!)

The morning after our fun night which ended up in a bar right in the city centre, well I say morning I actually mean 6 o clock in the afternoon, we all decided to go to Chico's restaurant.

Sini and me

Alex and me

Please excuse my face!!!! this was a ... I am ill and we went out last night look.

I had a super yummy veggie burger with goats cheese and sweet potato chips (fries.)

Here is Alex being as fabulous as always (he was quite hungover although didn't want to admit it)

And to finish here is a photo from our walk back from the bar, me standing on the government building steps at about 2 in the morning. Fabulous life!!!

okay that is all for now, I know there was nothing really gyaruo related or fabulous about this but I have been rather ill but I am feeling better now and there will be parties and fun things coming up so I promise you lots of exciting posts! x

Hei Hei!

Tobi xxx :)


  1. You're so cute. XD
    It's so fun to read about foreign people visiting Finland when I myself have lived here all my life. :D

    1. hehe eek thank you! x All finnish people say finland is so bad but I love it here! :D x I'm going to try and move here for university :) x

  2. You really do look like a prince! : )
    And I have to agree with the person above here, it's so funny reading someone foreign talking about Finland : D
    I was actually quite disappointed with the AB drink, I hoped it would've been sweeter >:

    1. Teehee thank you! i like it :) drinks are too sweet in england! xx

  3. just find your blog, and read some of your previous updates, very intresting! New follower here haha! Lol and nice that you like to be here in Finland, even this place is not so wonderful, haha. ^^

    1. haha thank you! I think Helsinki is pretty amazing :D but all of finland is beautiful xxx

    2. rly? Haha, i've lived in Helsinki all my life, so i think this place is boring, and i think that alcohol has too much power in finland, without it finnish government and community would collapse, lol.

      But Haha nice that you think Helsinki is pretty amazing. Even i don't like here so much i think Hesburger is good too. XD

    3. LOL! #suomilife tänään perseet olalle!!!! :P x Hesburger is good :) i think there are a lot of lovely people here xx

    4. I see you've learned the most important sentence in finnish hahhaha! Well you're right that there's some lovely people ofc. But isn't there lovely people in England too? :)

    5. Not in the same way, there is a bigger japanese interest/stylish community in helsinki :) xx