Thursday, 19 July 2012

Fabulous Finland! Helsinki happenings, part ... I forgot

Hello again, this is my last week in Helsinki (until I return) and so I have been doing lots of fun things. Yesterday Oona booked the PENTHOUSE SAUNA SUITE at the fancy hotel where she works and Marinka, Sini, Alex, Veera, Oona and I went for a luxurious spa appointment (ultimate luxury) 

The conference suite, there was a little buffet of food laid out on the side
Jacuzzi and Sauna door 
Us chilling on the balcony pretending we are millionaires
One of my better looks ... my god I am ugly with no makeup 
Waving to the common people
Me in my first ever sauna!
Please excuse my fatty love handles! I'm on holiday and holiday = EAT. I have been to mcdonalds and hesburger about 8 times in the last week (hence the love handles) I don't normally look like that!
Obligatory mirror picture after sauna and jacuzzi
 We then went down to the hotel lobby for some drinks before heading to Oona's place for a sleepover.

This is how we socialize ... everyone just gets our their iPhone, being as fabulous as they are they have to constantly remind everyone how their lives are better than theirs.
No makeup me and Alex
Our wine, yay Finland and alcohol!
 We then saw this beautiful view on the way to alepa to buy food.

The next day I met up with Sini and Eemil (you might know him better as pin) to go to the Finish national museum.

The entrance
Creepy skulls
Fancy room
me in front of a throne
Eemil, Sini and me 
After the museum Oona, Alex, Sini and I went to wrong noodle for food.

My soy teriyaki udon YUMMY
Oona being as cute as always xxx
Tomorrow I am meeting up with Riku and then there is a big party on saturday night so I will hopefully have another blog post about that! I leave for England on Monday ... I'm pretty sure I will have a breakdown at the airport I am so totally in love with Helsinki I don't ever want to leave! xxx

Tobi x


  1. Aaaaaaaa ; o ; your trip looks like so much fun omg ; 3 ; You're so lucky, man! <3

  2. you look fine without make-up! Wish I had big eyes like you : /

    1. god no i look disgusting! and you are so pretty you don't need to change anything x