Saturday, 4 August 2012

Goodbye Finland Hei Sitten!

So now I am finally home after the best month and a half of my life (although it has had it's ups and downs) I have so many amazing memories and so much I want to say ... but I am trying not to be too English and emotional about it. 

I have made some amazing new friends <3
We have had fun together <3
I have seen some wonderful places <3
And I shall be back very very soon! <3
Please don't forget me while I'm gone! I shall see you all very soon ; ) x

Thank you to everyone who made the last month and a half so amazing <3 

Kiitos Matkasta! <3


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you :D I was a bit worried about it at first but I like it too x

  2. You met Viivi, omg <3 *fangirling*
    I've seen your blog posts about Finland and you seemed to have such an amazing time there! ^_^ Now I feel like traveling too! XD


    1. Yeah Viivi and I are friends now :P x hehe I did can't wait to go back, you should totally travel! xx