Wednesday, 13 June 2012

New hair, Jewerich lashes, more gets and summer hair inspo!

Okay, another little update already! I dyed my hair with the help of my scary sister (she's a moody bitch) My roots were totally horrendous and while I liked my old two tone, the trend seems to have passed and mine had definitely grown out. I was debating between going blonde or going for a light brown which seems to be popular amongst gyaruo at the moment. In the end I chose blonde just because I haven't been blonde in a very long time. (good reason)

I made this stupid gif of us dying my hair and my eyebrows. Sorry I look so ugly! 

Here are a few photos of me doing a more traditional gyaruo look with my new hair colour. I think I went a bit too light because it makes my eyes a bit dark and creepy. 

Why does my face look so ugly?!

Casual Gyaruo outfit

 In other news my Jewerich number 2 lashes arrived! I am very excited about these especially as I lost a pair of my old favourite eyemazing lashes yesterday. I can't wait to try these but they are soooo long that I am worried they might be too much.

 I love how cute the packaging is <3

Here you can kinda see the size difference between them and my old eyemazing lashes. The eyemazing ones are about half the size of them. I will try them on later in the week.

Here are a few pics of my summer hair inspiration I love the shape of the guys hair in the three pictures. That is how I want mine this summer <3 

I also bought these canmake products from Ichibankao.

 I got the eyebrow mascara in Yellow brown and the blush in Love peach. I can't wait to try them all out and I was amazed at how cheap they were, especially compared to Candydoll and Dollywink products that are similar.

Anyway I will probably update later this week when my d.i.a belt arrives.

                                                            Tobi ^_^ x


  1. That hair colour looks really nice on you! :D Wish some blue/green lenses that would look amazing ♥
    Holy ass I love their hair shape D: I wanna try that with my new wig!

    1. Thank you, I have had shit loads of pairs of green and blue and because my natural eyes are soooo dark they just turn black, these are the first lenses whose colour has actually shown up x you should! :) x it's a bit of a dated shape but it's still cool ^_^ x

  2. Gosh your super cute! The hair colour suits you so well, you make a great gyaruo ^^