Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Alba Rosa, Pub and shoes!

Hello again! Last night was my friends Molly, Hope and Jo's birthday celebration at the pub it was also my good bye to everyone as I am on holiday for the whole summer. I don't really know how, but I spent most of the day looking at pictures of Pin and Angeleek and I just ended up wearing all my Alba Rosa and doing a nose stripe. Recently I have been tanning more and more as I am desperate to be able to call myself Kuronbo (96gal) I'm sick of being Shiro! 

Before people start telling me that Sentaa (my look ended up looking a bit like it) is dead, there are still a handful of Sentaa left in Japan so it isn't dead although most of them graduated last year. I also uploaded pictures of my new shoes I bought last week! They were £40 from River Island and they have a "hidden heel" which means they look like normal trainers but in fact you are much taller. LIKE MAGIC. 

I thought they would be super comfortable ... THEY ARE NOT. THESE THINGS ARE EVIL AND I LOVE HATE THEM! I wore them for ten hours walking around London, not doing that again!

The heel is about 4 inches I think and makes little me about the normal height for a guy! I also got my mum (how embarrassing) to do my nails for me, I wanted something simple that will last until Finland (OMG I AM LEAVING TONIGHT I AM SO NERVOUS AHHHHHHHHHHHH) We went for black and white to match my outfit :)
Nails <3
 I had to keep my outfit quite plain as most of my stuff is about to be packed, but I whipped out all my Alba Rosa ready for the Pub :)
My outfit
 Coat: Alba Rosa
Top: Alba Rosa
Necklace: Alba Rosa
Jeans: Topman
Shoes: River Island
Sash: stall in London
You can't really see me!
Here are a few photos from the Pub :)
 Hope was actually talking about the giant knife she had to cut her cake ... I didn't realise what was happening when I took the picture and we all burst out laughing when we saw this.

Some drinks
 I drank way more than I normally do and ended up being rather drunk on the way home. My mum said I needed the practice for Finland though.
Drunk me eating chocolate!
 I got hungry after dieting all day ... so I ate my chocolate frog from harry potter. I feel sad that I ate it and sad that I ruined my diet the day before Finland! :(

I'm going to miss all my school friends, it hasn't hit me yet that it's over and that I am growing up. I don't like it! Anyway I should get out of bed and finish packing ready for my flight. OH GOD WHAT IF I FORGET SOMETHING?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!!!

Okay, Bye! Tobi ^_^ x

(sorry for my weird writing style, I'm too excited about Finland) x


  1. I WANT THOSE SHOES KTHNX. I'd be taaaaaaall ♥
    Have fun in Finland, Tobiiii :D I EXPECT A LOT OF PICTURES WHEN YOU RETURN!!!

    1. Thank you :D I will blog while I'm there ^_^ and do you not have river island in ... naoki land? x

  2. weh I need your shoes. ): I wish I could be a nice 5'9" or so and not be dwarfed by my family members.

    People that bitch about styles being dead or "out" are just mindless drones, man. People bring back styles all the time-- no one ever became a fashion icon by being controlled by trends.
    this just might be me being upset that decora has died, though. I want it back in my life (゜´Д`゜)

    1. Haha! I agree with you ^_^ but something like Ganguro is actually dead ... Manba and Sentaa are still going! So I get especially annoyed when idiots who know nothing about Modern Gyaru life in Japan start spouting hate -_- x Get the shoes! they are cheap :D x where do you live? x

  3. woah! love your alba rosa coat!! where did you get it : O??

    1. Second hand from a Gal sales comm :) they are super rare now and very very expensive :\ the easiest place to find one would be a Japanese auction site but the prices are insane xxx

  4. I also bought a pair of sneaker-like shoes with a hidden heel from River Island last week. Mine are super comfy though, but maybe it's because you're not used to wearing heels?? I dunno if you are xD

    You look great tho, I like the pants a lot (: the nails are cute, haha~

    1. (I'm on alex's account) but yeah I haven't worn heels in a while so was annoying plus wore them for ages! they feel fine now &=& xx thank you so much! xxx

  5. Cute nails and outfit! Have fun on your trip~ Can't wait to see all the pictures you take(*^▽^*)


    1. Thank you so much :) i will post a lot :D (I'm on alex's account) xx