Friday, 8 June 2012

My Summer Gyaru Inspirations

Okay, there are going to be several parts to this post. It's going to be long, sorry!

After a long chat with my amazing gal friend Amélie I decided to make this post.
Part 1- Gal Mag Inspirations

I literally downloaded and went through this months, last months and the month before's Egg, Ageha, Popteen and Soul Sister and unfortunately  I couldn't find very much that interested me, gal fashion really is becoming increasingly more mainstream and I like the more extreme, fun styles that really have that old school gal feel of "rebellion and fun" which is why Soul Sister has become my new favourite gal magazine. It posts mostly Ora-Kei and Ane Gal but anyone interested in Kuronba, Ora, Banba, B-Gal or Ane will enjoy it. (This doesn't mean I don't like the softer, cuter more mainstream styles, they just don't appeal as much to me)

Ok so here are my inspirations from the most recent Soul Sisters:

 I really love the casual ripped jeans, hoody, t-shirt and boots look. It looks really gal (as long as you have the right kind of hoody) and is a nice casual outfit on the days where you can't be bothered to go full out. My old Korean skinny jeans are coming to the end of their life so I will do a bit of DIY ripping to make them look more like these. If they turn out well I have another pair of black skinny's I can do it to. I really, really want a d.i.a hoody to be able to do this kind of look better but I don't think I can afford it at the moment. In the mean time I will have to settle with my normal black hoody and a d.i.a belt which will hopefully be arriving in a weeks time.

LOVE the hair these two girls have! and their boots!! <3 Another co-ord similar to the ones above. Hopefully when I am in Finland Alex will be able to style my hair like theirs.

NAILS!!! When I am in Finland (only 19 days to go) I am going to get some proper Gyaru/Akinari nails done, I can't wait. I want black and leopard print nails with a few gems.

And Ageha:

 I love the accessorising in the left picture <3 and I love the rock edge the model on the right has the hoody is super cute, I want it!

Part 2- Japanese Gyaru/Gyaruo Inspiration

Old school gyaruo: These looks are long out of fashion but that doesn't mean that I can't still be inspired by them. This summer I want to get a strong tan, close to the old school sentaa, one of the main differences between gyaruo models and gal models is that most gyaruo models have some kind of a tan while it is less common amongst the girls. I also love the clothes and older looks, for the last year and a half the clothes in men's egg have been very American and plain in comparison.

 Akinari: My favourite Gyaruo model <3 Akinari is the only Gyaruo I have seen who wears make-up and lashes. Something which I do too. My current hair was based on these two pictures below but it has grown out now and I am dying it soon.

 Look at how god damn cute he is! look at this outfit! <3 furry leopard print heels! he is fabulous <3 x

Kuronba: I absolutely love this style and d.i.a. I love the tan, the hair colours and the sexy, wild aspect of this sub category. My summer look this year will be based upon Kuronba gyaru. So expect lots of denim shorts (and short shorts,) tan, big hair, blonde hair, ripped jeans and chains.

 In other news my geo princess mimi chocolate brown circle lenses arrived yesterday. I'm not a review type person but I think I will have make a blog post about them because they are so unusal. I also went a bit crazy and randomly bought "deer spots/leopard/letter shirt + shorts (2PCS)SET
I am shit scared it's going to be way too small for me but I did some measuring and the free size hoody should just about fit and the shorts are hopefully an okay size. I'm also scared I won't be able to pull off the set and will look too girly/tranny. Fingers crossed it will fit and look okay! Here is the set, I bought it in red and leopard print.

I got the red one <3

Full shot of the set.
 Okay that is all for now, as more of my gets for Finland arrive I will make more blog posts. I bought the Jewerich number 2 lashes, some bottom lashes from Ebay and of course my d.i.a belt so look forward to those.


For ora ora pics and Soul Sister scans:

Other gal mag scans:


Any questions, requests or just want to chat please feel free to message me, until next time.

x Tobi x


  1. Akinariiiiiiiii ♥ ♥ Aaaa he's too fabulous for this world ♥ Wishing I was that amazing, aaa *dramatic sigh*

    I bet you'll look great in that set. If you're going for androgynous/genderfuck, it's totally going to suit you! It's so cute, too >3<

    You better become the western Akinari, Tobi! I'm counting on you, hahaha!


    1. Hehe thats what I am aiming for! I will do it with massive lashes and lenses and then big Kanako/Akinari hair but I'm going for a light blonde kinda colour :) and omg to be considered the western Akinari would be all my dreams coming true!!! <3 haha ^_^ xxx I would like some cocolulu long socks and trainers to go with the set but I need to wait, at the end of the summer I will either buy cocolulu trainers or a d.i.a hoody :) xxx

    2. \o/ Can't wait to see your looks, cause that sounds pre-ty awesome. No, really, bahaha! <3 xx Go for that title! Rooting for you~! I have these cocolulu jeans, but I have no idea how to coord with them :l The jean is just so navy, I can't really do anything with it *groans*fjhedkvnfdjk

      I want a d.i.a. hoody so bad D: Such an amazing brand ♥ xxx

    3. dia is amazing <3 eek do you have a picture of the jeans? we could try and think of some co-ords together? :) xx I miss post pictures when I have some x