Saturday, 23 June 2012

Kurogyaruo, Purikura, Lorraine, Egg magazine and Food! (picture heavy)

Yesterday I went down to London to see my Dad for the first time in about 8 months and to see my best friend Lorraine. I haven't seen my dad in ages because he lives and works in Nigeria now.
My Dad is from Argentina so we went to the amazing Argentinian restaurant (where the vegetarian option is just chips) It was still fun though and so nice to have my family all together for the first time in years. 
We talked about Nigeria, had a fight about the Falklands and then took photos ... unfortunately I have recently started going Kurogyaruo ... and I had a fake tan accident in the morning so you can only see my Purikura pictures! 

Incredible Argentinian food <3 Shame I can't eat it!
My Family x
 While my Dad is Argentinian, they met in Paris (where I was born) so we all talk in French together ... except my sister because her French isn't good enough yet :P she just sat there drinking coke.
Trafalgar Square, London.
Beautiful city :P <3
 Then after Lunch with my family I went to meet Lorraine for Gyaru shopping, Purikura and to catch up after not seeing each other for ages ^_^ Lorraine is normally a Manba but yesterday she wasn't feeling too good so she dressed more casual (but bitch is way more tanned than me!!!)
She will kill me for putting this picture up!
 We went to a little expensive Tapas bar thing near the Japan centre that we always end up in for some reason. I had this yummy tomato on bread thingy and Marinated olives ... Lorraine had some weird meat thing that looked like the stuff you find down the back of a sofa.

It was yummy!
 They don't sell Gyaru magazines in Finland so I did a little shopping trip for some people, Men's egg for me, Men's egg for Alex, Jelly for Marinka and Egg for Viivi. :)
I also bought myself some special paper you use to take grease off your skin without ruining your makeup! It's amazing.

Lorraine also gave me some presents, An Alba Rosa necklace (she has one too, they are now our friendship necklaces because we are cute and childish) this Alba Rosa top (I need to lose a few more pounds so I can fit in it better) and some lashes :) So I bought her a little Stitch bag that said Disneyland Tokyo on it ^_^ x 


Look at my patchy tan on my arms -_-

 you can kinda see my outfit here, Alba Rosa hat and top,
D.I.A belt and chains and ripped skinny Jeans
and then my new shoes from River Island.


Okay that is all for now, I will do another blog post about my recent shopping and close up of the presents Lorraine gave me soon! SHIT 4 DAYS UNTIL FINLAND I AM SO EXCITED AND SCARED!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

 Love Tobi ^_^ x

P.S. I just hit 50 followers! Thank you so much! xxx 


  1. I like your outfit, you look good ^^

  2. Loving your new hair and look! Like a true gyaruo ^_^//

    Have fun in finland!

    1. Thank you! :D I'm getting there slowly ^_^ x <3

  3. Haha, being a vegetarian sure can suck sometimes, can't it? Aaanyways, loving the skinny jeans ^^

    Hope you have fun in Finland!

  4. Oooh you look so cute in that outfit haha!xx I want to take purikuraaa >:0 When I go down to London (whenever that is) we must take a few :D

    1. Also, wtf did you do with your tanning spray omg XD x

    2. Thank you and yes we must!!!! x ... erm I followed the instructions and then very quickly the "15 cm" instructions made me go patchy as fucking shit! 30 cm's works much better x

    3. Aaawww hahaha! Sorry that made me laugh for a bit XD Hope that works out better for you next time x

    4. I did it again last night, it's turned out really well :) xx

  5. Heyyyy I didn't know you like Argentinian food! ♥
    I feel the same too, I'm not vegetarian but I try, it's so hard because I live in Buenos Aires and I LOVE asado ;___; sighhhhh

    I've been following your blog for a while now but I was shy to comment >.<;; excuse me!

    1. Aww! no it's okay please feel free to comment when ever you want! yeah I'm half argentinian so I do love it ... i just can't eat it! most of my family live in Buenos Aires :) x I haven't been since I was three xx