Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Gets for Finland and Outfit Post. D.I.A BELT AND SHIT

Okay! It has been a while since I have done a real post. It is now 21 days and counting until I fly to Finland and less than two weeks until my last two exams. Everything is quite panicky at the moment and I can't quite keep up. Today I went shopping with my mum to put my Finland money in the bank and get a few little things. Here are the things I bought.

1) Okay I didn't buy these today but I needed to include them, my mum gave me these sandals for the summer as I don't really have any summer appropriate shoes. I really like them even though they are quite painful. I am planning on using them for some Kuronba inspired outfits while in Finland.
2) Vogue was on offer and I haven't bought it in ages! So picked up Vogue for only £2.
3) Sunglasses, as I don't have any and the sun stays up for a very long time during Finnish summer and I am planning a lot of hangovers so these are a must have!
4) An eyeshadow palette from Makeup Academy (yay cheapness)
5) Finally I decided on what colour to dye my hair this summer, I am just going to bleach it blonde again as my roots are horrendous and I want to change my two tone hair. No idea what colour it will go! but you know ... YOLO. 

Sunglasses and eyeshadow close up
 Also my Alba Rosa coat came last week! It is so comfy and I love it. It is in surprisingly good condition considering it only cost me £30 including shipping from Germany. My friend Riku (formerly Tiia) has the same coat. I can't wait to meet him and Project Q this summer while in Helsinki.

Now for a ridiculous picture of me. Chronic bitch-face is an understatement. I look so happy to be here. Lol well here is my outfit shot for the day. Sorry it isn't very detailed. It was gyaruo inspired but I kept it simple ... because I couldn't be bothered to go full out just for a quick trip to the shops. Ugly hat because I didn't want to do my hair and sunglasses because I wanted to try them on and I am wearing no make-up and I am between contacts. 

Coat: Alba Rosa
Top: All Saints
Jeans: Deepstyle
Chains: London Chinatown Market
Boots: House of Fraser
Gloves: Paris Fur Stall
Sunglasses: Tattler
Hat: from my distant past, just found it in my cupboard.

In other news I just bought a d.i.a belt ready for my trip to Finland and for my Kuronba, old school gyaruo inspired summer wardrobe. I will post better pictures when it comes but in the mean time here are the sellers pictures.

I did have a rather long internal struggle as to whether to buy this belt or not but in the end I think I made the right decision, won't know until it comes haha. 

That is all for now, but I will be buying and modifying clothes and working on my hair and makeup in time for Finland so expect more posts very soon. I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays and for those, like me, who haven't finished yet GOOD LUCK with your exams! 

Until next time, Tobi <3 x

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  1. Oh this coat looks amazing! **

    I bought some stuff from Makeup Academy and i think for this price, they have amazing quality!

    Good luck with your exams! :D

    1. Thank you! and that is great to hear! I was quite worried about how it will turn out :) Looking forward to trying it out soon :) x