Saturday, 9 June 2012

Lashes, Lenses and Gets!

Okay so ANOTHER post already, my contacts, bottom lashes and lash glue came. I ordered the Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown as they were half price on Pinkyparadise. (warning a lot of self hate in this post)

I also ordered these bottom lashes from ebay and this eyelash glue from amazon. I am so suprised I thought these lashes would be tiny and cheap but they are actually more dramatic than Diamond Lash princess eye!!!!!!!!!!!! and less than £5 from a uk seller so they came quite quickly! Really impressed with them, not so impressed with the glue, it's strong but takes AGES to dry and gets really tacky but still does the job so no complaining.

 Now for my Akinari inspired look, excuse my bad complexion and lack of tan ... natural lighting and lack of sun recently. Also this picture makes my hair look shit!!!

I can't take photos of myself, I'm sorry this is the best I can do! my hair looks so bad -_-
Now for the makeup fails!!!
Sorry about the lower lash placement, not used to these bottom lashes and they are actually wider than my top lashes so I had trouble placing them easily.

Bit of burn tool. No regrets, yolo!
I always have this problem, the inside edge of my lashes always comes off and I can never get it to stay for very long. If anyone has any tips please let me know! (yes I know I need liquid eyeliner and mascara but I haven't had a chance to buy them yet)
 Now for the Akinari inspired casual Gyaruo outfit. I LOOK SO FAT FROM THIS ANGLE! Akinari wears a lot of casual cute t shirts and skinny jeans so this is my dressed down gyaruo look inspired by Akinari.

Derp to meet you.

THESE PICTURES MAKE ME LOOK SO UGLY! to prove this looks ok in real life I made some gifs with no photoshop just webcam!

Thank you for reading my blog <3 I will update when my next lot of things arrive.  Tobi <3


  1. ffcuyfhvejnfdsickhdbsjvcdiskhjcbdjvhfbjvhfd fuck :l Too cute aaaa. Those lashes look so cute on you! That first gif of you oh my god hfdkjjnvfdkvfdn fangirling.gif

    For the lashes, have you tried bending them before putting them on and shaping them to your eyeshape? 'Cause, judging from the way they let go, they're either trying to bend like the others or you put glue on the 'flat' side of them instead of in the rim.(°~°)

    Also, (°∇°) eyelash curler to curl your falsies: buy one! They don't 'pop out' like they're supposed to. (°^°)
    And I think the bottom lashes would look better if you cut off 2/3 lashes from the inner corner, because you know how you never really see those inner ones? It's like with your own. (°v°)

    Other than that: lovingggg thiiiis(^□^*)

    1. Yeah, I have used these a few times so they have lost their shape and gone really straight, the top lashes aren't that dramatic anyway so I don't think that curlers will make too big a difference but I would like to get some. yeah I will trim them down, this was just trying them on to see how they looked I will trim them down and try bending the tops more next time :D <3 x I know Akinari doesn't wear full bottom lashes but I prefer to I will try it both ways :) xxx

    2. Aaaa yes yes then you should get new ones. u n u Nobody likes lashes that don't stay on. </3 Curlers might work, though. Because you put a bit of mascara on them as well and then curl them so the mascara keeps them up and curled. :'D I don't wear lashes, but my gal friends swear by that if their lashes aren't all that dramatic.
      If you prefer the full bottoms, then disregard my comment bahaha. You gotta make this style your own after all! xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much ^_^ <3 eek I still have a LONG way to go :P x but starting to try out my new look x

  3. cute blog ^o^

    This look really suits you!
    I also have this problem with the upper lashes >< what helps for me is putting a looot of glue on them, on the rim AND on the flat side. When you place them too close to the inner corner of your eye they will get more lose everytime you blink so maybe place them a bit higher at that part?
    hope this will help! ^^

    1. Thank you! I will try it :D kinda scared about the jewerich lashes now as I know they will probably be even harder than these xx

  4. Love all your gets :3
    Your makeup is amazing! I think the lashes suit you really well~~
    Hehe I have problems getting em to stay too so I can't help ^^;
    Ahhhh did you say half off?! *rushes over to check*

    PS. I am a new follower! You and your blog are adorable ^-^

    1. Ahhh thsnk you so much ^_^ that made me happy <3 I still have a long way to go on the eyemakeup though xx <3

  5. this look really suits you, you look adorablee! <3