Friday, 15 February 2013

Buenos Aires Chinatown :)

Hola todo el mundo! Today I met up with my friend Florencia who took me to the Chinatown in Buenos Aires. It was so hot, about 31 degrees even though we went during late afternoon. We took a bus which was an interesting experience, the more of the city I see the more like Beijing it feels. It has that "modernness" about it while being surrounded by dirt, old fallen down buildings, very poor people and humidity. It isn't an unpleasant atmosphere  it's actually exciting but also a little bit sad.

Florencia made me pose at the entrance to Chinatown for some tourist photos :D

This photo doesn't really show just how packed the bus was, especially with it being so hot. It was like being inside some of the travel documentaries I used to watch on TV of places like India. Dust and sun outside the bus and lots of hot sweaty people all in a cramped place. 

Once we got to our stop we stumbled upon a Havanna shop. Havanna make the best, most beautiful things to come from Argentina (after me of course.) In fact the best "sweets" in the entire world!!! Alfajores and havannets (conitos) Alfajores are almond shortbread sandwiches filled with dulce de leche and coated in chocolate or icing sugar. Conitos are made with a similar shortbread biscuit base covered in rich, thick dulce de leche and coated in chocolate. Here is mine bellow <3 

I've been waiting for about four years to taste this again <3

The picture below really shows what I was saying about the "Beijing" feel. The poverty, dirt and "third world" type feel. We had to cross these train tracks which had no signal or warning on them to get to Chinatown from the road we came from. It was certainly exciting though, knowing you are doing something illegal in your own country (also seat belts and sticking to lanes while driving seems to be entirely optional here)

My lovely guide Florencia and me camwhoring in the shop :)

There is a lot of graffiti in the city, most of it is ugly and done by vandals but every now and again you stumble across some that is beautiful and makes you smile. I also keep stumbling on things that are very familiar and reminds me of home and that happened in the Chinese supermarket today. POCKY those stupid not very nice biscuits we were all obsessed with as weabo 15 year olds! A little bit of my old life in my new home  (also 14.50 pesos is bloody expensive) 

We then had dinner together and celebrated valentines day <3

I ordered rice noodles and vegetables as it was the cheapest thing I could find on the menu. It was okayish for a Chinese restaurant but neither of us could finish our food as the portions were so big, next time we will share and save money. Speaking of money I took a photo of the pesos we paid with so you can all see how the money looks here :D 

Tomorrow Florencia, Carla and I are going to visit the botanical garden near Recoleta together. 

I also wanted to show you all these two videos, the first video is my favourite music video of all time! It sums up exactly how I feel most of the time and is a funny and important reminder for us all (including you mummy if you are reading this)

The second video is a song that I am listening to a lot here, its cumbian music from Colombia. It's rough and raw and hot and matches perfectly the feel of South America today. Colombia makes some great music! (Shakira) <3

Besos, Tobi x


  1. waaaa I look so awful ;___;
    I'm happy you had a nice time, we're going to take great pictures tomorrow :3 ~

    1. No you don't you look nice! :D <3 yes! see you today xxx

  2. You make me wanna visit Argentina lol I have relatives there but... Never wanted to go there lol Anyway. Great pics! And again, come visit me in Brasil~ My city is small but a great place for shopping!

    1. Aww you should visit! I would love to visit you in Brazil, what is the name of your city? xx if you come to buenos aires while I'm here we can hang out together :D x <3

  3. Foz do Iguaçu, receber? :) Wei can go to dutyfree and Paraguai for shopping and eating korean food~