Sunday, 10 February 2013

Day 1 in Buenos Aires!

Hello everyone! Today was my first day in Buenos Aires. It was about 30 degrees again and Maca and I went for a walk in the neighbourhood. We live in Recoleta with the famous cemetery where Eva Peron was buried. Here are my photos :)

Me in summer clothes! Shocking!

This was the church and the park next to the Cemetery  I didn't go inside to see the graves today because I want to have more time to explore and take photos. We walked through the park towards the University of Buenos Aires.

The building on the right is the Law part of the University of Buenos Aires, I think it looks just like the government building in Helsinki but bigger!

You know you are in a hot country when you see palm trees!

My Auntie Maca

We also visited two art galleries/museums :)

They have three cats here which I'm slowly getting used to, I don't know their names so I've made up some for them. There is Sargent Fluffy, Fatty and Maca's baby. I only managed to take a photo of Sargent Fluffy.

I hope all of my European and American readers are enjoying winter ;) I hear its snowing in parts of England :P haha It's so hot here I've had to turn the air-conditioning on! I'm currently saying all the English lines to The Fellowship of the Ring over the Spanish dub on TV. I'll blog again soon! xxx

Tobi xx

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