Saturday, 9 February 2013

Journey to Argentina

Hello everyone! I finally made it after a very long journey. It's so hot here and I'm stuck on English time still it seems. Everyone else is still sleeping so I thought it would be a good time to do a quick blog post. I left home on Thursday to go stay at my Aunties in London ready for my early morning flight, here is my luggage.

It's weird thinking my entire life is in these bags for the next 6 months! That thing was bloody heavy to drag all the way to South London and check out my Alexander Mcqueen Scarf and new Sanctus Hoody <3 travelling in style. My dog didn't understand that I was leaving again so he refused to give me good bye kisses but I did get this photo <3

The only photo of me because after two days of travelling I was definitely not looking good enough for selfies. No amount of photoshop can fix a face after 18 hours on a plane.

I saw this interesting looking building in London, thought it was worth a quick snap.

I had to change in Madrid which made the journey even longer and I felt a bit sad being in Spain and not getting to go and enjoy it. I had such a big problem throughout the whole journey with language! I look Argentinian (thanks to some handy fake tan) and so the stewardesses and people at Madrid refused to acknowledge that I don't speak very good Spanish and wouldn't talk in English with me so I had one of two translation issues and ended up only being able to order "agua" during both flights. -_- 

My in-flight reading and old school Ipod nano to keep me company on the way too long journey. Also the delightful Iberia airlines forgot my vegetarian food! (not that plane food is worth eating anyway!) I got by with this pasta for lunch and then had to pick out the ham from a ham sandwich for dinner. #veggieproblems

Life saver!
 Finally this is the view from my balcony. Driving home from the airport last night I can definitely feel that I'm not in Europe any more but it's a really cool feeling! It feels wilder and more free and WAY TOO BLOODY HOT! it was 30 degrees at 10 o clock last night and my Auntie was complaining about being cold!!!!!!!! 

It looks like some kind of tropical garden and there are strange birds flying everywhere. It's so quiet and peaceful right now because everyone is having a lie in. I'm going out for my first exploration of the city today and I promise I will take my Camera. 

(p.s. enjoy your snow England while I'm sunbathing by the pool)

Tobi X


  1. " No amount of photoshop can fix a face after 18 hours on a plane." I understand that feel LOL.

    I'm glad you had a safe trip! Wish it was warm enough for us to sunbathe here in Vancouver(;へ:)

    1. Haha it's the worst right?!!! and thank you! omg i bet you have so much snow! I want to go skiing right now lol but yeah the weather is amazing here :D its still hot and its night time! x

    2. Nah we just have a lot of rain... and fog for some reason. So jealous of the weather you're getting! D:

      I want to wear my cute summer clothes already ;___;

    3. I never ever wear summer clothes! (yay english weather) its such a nice break though :D everyone should definitely visit Argentina or Brazil at least once! xx

  2. Hahaha I am laughing so much at this!!! "No amount of photoshop can fix a face after 18 hours on a plane." ^o^