Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Recoleta Cemetery and Peru BeachI

Hello everyone, yesterday was an interesting day here in Buenos Aires, I actually woke up at a respectable time due to Fatty the cat jumping on me and insisting on early morning cuddles (so last night I made sure he was shut out of my bedroom) In the morning I met up with Clément who knows my Auntie and who came to Buenos Aires at the same time as me. We went to the famous Recoleta Cemetery together in the morning.

I'm only wearing these shorts at the moment -_- I needed more clothes!

The church next to the Cemetery

Above, Clément looking at the amazing tombs. They have a saying here in Buenos Aires that it costs less to live your entire life in luxury than to be buried in Recoleta Cemetery. It's filled with Argentinian national heroes, presidents, the wealthy and former generals. Including one very special person whose grave I had to track down, Eva Perón. 

(For all my friends who were asking about her grave, this is it)

The cemetery is really interesting and beautiful but quite creepy as well. You can actually looks through ornate glass doors at peoples coffins inside. The photo below didn't even have any glass. I've been watching a lot of zombie films recently so I was quite happy when we left the cemetery.

Just outside the front of the Church in the little park there was this tree which is native to Argentina. It's the little things like this that remind you that you are in a completely different world. It's so exciting to see and discover things that are totally alien to anything you are used to.

We then went back to where I'm staying and I made tortilla for lunch and we drank Quilmes (Argentinian beer <3)

In the afternoon my uncle and his wife came over to take us outside the city to a place called Peru Beach. Which isn't really a beach but a grassy bank with a restaurant and deck chairs on the Rio de la Plata, one of the widest rivers in the world and the border between Argentina and Uruguay. 

I'm so horribly pasty! I should have brought my fake tan with me -_-
After Peru Beach my uncle decided to show me my old house where I lived when I was a baby, but in the very Argentinian way we got distracted and ended up at a family friends house in the next street. Apparently he used to live with me, my dad and my mum for a while in the same neighbourhood. He had the most amazing roof top garden and barbecue area that looked out over the whole neighbourhood. 

My house was a little pink one with a swimming pool in the back garden just behind this green one. We ended up staying for about four hours until it was dark and all the mosquitoes were out.

I also found this nice photo of Maca and me on my camera :)

I was wondering what kinds of posts people want to see from Argentina? Do you want me to do some touristy ones with information? or personal posts? I'm having such an amazing time and I've adjusted to the heat but now I wish I had a swimming pool. 

Tobi x


  1. Hi there !! :D

    I'm so glad that you're having such an amazing journey in Argentina ! I can't wait to hear more about it (personal or touristic :) )

    Hugs !