Tuesday, 27 November 2012

London week part 1

As always I promised something and then didn't deliver, I'm sorry! I said I would live blog from London but actually I was too busy or too hungover or had lost my camera for the entire holiday. Jami flew in on the monday afternoon and Emilia joined us later on Wednesday.

I've been looking back at some of my older sources of inspiration and trying to think of new, better ways of working them into my looks. We have had terrible weather in England recently and it has been getting very cold so I took my Alba Rosa coat out of retirement for the winter. 

(Also I apologise for our drunk Robo.to gif update on the left, I can't change it until I do something with my face) 

My look for travelling down to London on Monday was "Nu Goth Manba" something warm and comfy but still easy to travel in. By the time I arrived at Kings Cross it was dark already.

On the Tuesday Jami and I decided to do a bit of sight seeing in Westminster and Trafalgar.

We were both incredibly hung over so didn't take as many pics as we should have but I did manage to get my outfit pics outside Buckingham Palace. I was wearing Jeremy Scott and Jeffrey Campbell with a vintage Longchamp bag.

I will blog about the second part of our trip when I get more photos from Emilia. The bits from our holiday that we can remember were mostly amazing! despite having two very bad hotels on the outskirts of London and Emilia and I emptying our bank accounts after a few too many drinks in Ku Bar (which led to some horrendous events that even I am too embarrassed to share.) I will tell you some of our terrible stories in the next post.

I'm in London again this weekend seeing War Horse and visiting my fabulous friend Sam, we also might be going to the Burberry menswear store opening in Knightsbridge next week. I hope everyone is looking forward to Christmas! I know I am. Tobi x

I've been getting a lot of inspiration from Daphne Guinness and Gareth Pugh recently and I have a few interesting ideas I am working on, In the meantime enjoy this Fashion Video by Gareth Pugh and Ruth Hogben.


  1. so cute outfits :3 and I'm so jealous about that alba rosa :---D ♥

    1. Thank you x yes I got such a good deal with it :D they are even harder to find nowadays than when I got it! x

  2. arghh why do all your photos look so damn perfect!? ;____;
    glad you had fun here (i live in London lol)
    i think the gif is pretty cool by the way (: x

    1. Haha omg thanks but they dont! I am terrible at editing photos! I'm not a male model because I am very short and never had the opportunity :) Where in London do you live? x Haha thanks! I was so drunk I was spilling champagne everywhere! I passed out on a bus that night x

    2. well they come out amazing in my opinion and i'm pretty damn picky with that sort of thing! XD awhh its a shame about you being too short i think you'd be awesome at it (Y) i live around Tottenham which is in North London, not the nicest place but i've grown up in it so i'm comfy here lol. ^_^

  3. Lovely outfits! We especially like the second one

  4. Whoaaa, nice photos <3 you certainly look good as a male model! ^_^ If I were you I'd follow that advice hahaha :3
    So gorgeous shoes! ♥ xoxo