Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Hanging Out at an Art Gallery

Hola! Last weekend I met up with my friend Fitzroy from my old school. We were in the same insufferable art class together. Unfortunately for him he is in the year bellow so has to continue with the torture of having our evil teacher. As part of the course he had to go check out an exhibition of local artists work and we hadn't seen each other since I left school so we decided to meet up and go together.  

I wanted to try a more "urban" manly street look, inspired by kpop acts like EXO. I felt very out of my comfort zone (I can put on a pair of 7 inch Jeffrey Campbell's and a cape and walk down a street in London with confidence but flat shoes and tracksuit bottoms makes me feel awkward.) I tried to create a textured look with my hair, I didn't want it curly but I wanted some shape to it. It didn't look too bad on the day but I think it is definitely time to dye my hair and change it's style. You can see in the top picture that my Jacket ripped right under the sleeve, it was super embarrassing! I was walking around Peterborough city centre holding my sleeve on.

The art was surprisingly good! My A Level art experience was so bad that I haven't touched a paint brush since I quit school and I haven't painted for pleasure in almost 3 years but recently I have started to feel my inspiration and creativity stir again. I can feel something arty coming soon and seeing the exhibition gave me a little bit more faith in myself and my ability and also gave me some much needed inspiration.

I loved this, I think it's a photo? Of a boy under water. I love the distortion and the contrast in the image, I found it very emotive even though I have no idea why (probably some deep exploration of mental instability or something equally artistically generic). Another piece I loved was these pretty little birds hanging from a branch in a doorway. They were crude yet beautiful and delicate at the same time.

Blurry Iphone photo from Fitzroy

Peterborough Cathedral
Next week I am in London partying hard and being fabulous with Jami and Emilia but I will take my laptop and camera with me and blog from our hotel. I feel like I have neglected this blog a little recently and that the posts are becoming quite similar and boring. I will try and mix things up a little and make my posts as exciting as I can. I am having my hair cut some time this week and I feel a change of style coming up in the next few months so expect a lot of inspiration posts and style soul searching. 

Just out of interest is there anyone that reads my blog from Barcelona? I want to know some interesting places to go and visit over Christmas and New Year. Also is there anyone that might want to meet up when I am in Spain? please let me know if you do! I love meeting new people and would love to see the city from a locals perspective. 

Tobi x 

My current music obsession, Bjork remixes, Enjoy x


  1. The pink shoes are a bit confusing but the outfit does look good if you were worried about that. : )

    1. Thank you, I only wore those shoes because they are the ONLY pair of flats I own and I didn't want to be tall x