Thursday, 13 December 2012


Salut tout le monde! Ca va? Recently I have been hanging out with my friend Sam who lives in London. I stayed at his for a few days last week and we went clubbing, had a trip to the V&A and made some yummy food but I will talk more about that in another post. 

Last week we went to visit some friends of his who work at Dior in Westfield to pick up something he ordered. 

Christophe the nice man working in Dior took this photo for us, I look rather chunky in it but I don't care. Sam's outfit is all from Dior and mine is ... not.

We were also lucky enough to each be given a copy of the first ever issue of the Dior magazine, released in time for a new era in Dior's history as Raf Simons takes over as Creative Director of the fashion house.

When I got home after my fun adventures in Laandan I felt inspired to do some little doodles after reading the magazine on the train home.

Also check out how cool my chair is! My step brother had it made for me by a friend of his. The seat is made from an old T-Shirt and the back of the chair from a vintage leather jacket.

(Also got this at the V&A museum)

As you can see I am a bit rusty but hopefully I will start drawing, illustrating regularly again (because I bloody need the practice)

I loved the magazine. Dior has always been my favourite fashion house and to be able to read about it's history and current goings on in the shape of a magazine was a real treat!

I have a few more blog posts from the last two weeks to upload and write about because I have been very lazy with blogging recently! I hope I can get them up soon and my blogging inspiration will come back to me. Also, I have been thinking about trying to arrange a fashion/blogger meet up for people interested in designer fashion, alternative fashion and street fashion in London similar to a gal meet, involving meeting somewhere, chatting, taking photos and a bit of shopping. Is anyone interested? Does it sound like a good idea? Please let me know! Ciao for now, Tobi x


  1. Hi dear ! :)

    Dior is a fabulous design brand . I also really love their makeup line who's always luxurious , and guess what , I love everything who's luxurious . Your drawings are flawless !! (even if I don't really like Marion Cotillard...)

    Bisous de France !


    1. TU N'AIME PAS MARION?! ELLE EST INCROYABLE! J'ADORE COTILLARD :D :P J'aime aussi les vernis à ongles de Dior mais leur creme BB n'est pas la meilleur. xx :) Bisous d'Angleterre :P xx

  2. Replies
    1. I think it could be a really fun idea! :D people swapping blogs, making friends sharing info and inspiration etc. :) x

  3. Your drawings look so stylish as well *w* you've really got talent!! ^^

  4. I am impressed with your sense of style