Saturday, 5 January 2013

Barcelona trip part 1

Hello everyone! I'm sorry it has been so long, I have really neglected this blog and I have also been in Barcelona with my sister, my dad and his family for Christmas and New Year, but now I am finally back with a new post all about my holiday! WARNING this blog post is VERY VERY VERY picture heavy.

The view from the plane as we flew over Barcelona
When we got to Barcelona the weather was AMAZING. Winter in Catalunya looks like the best day of summer in England. It was 20 degrees and sunny and there were palm trees at the airport!

My deranged half sister

This was the view from our apartment balcony

Unfortunately I was very ill again for Christmas so I missed the first couple of days of the holiday but when I was able to get out of bed I managed to get a few photos of myself in the lobby of our apartment building.

Finally after being in "Spain" (I can here Jordi shouting Catalunya at me) for four days I got my tapas! I miss the food so much, it's horrible being back in England.

The next day Clem (my sister) and I went exploring together ...

We visited Gaudi's famous cathedral La Sagrada Familia which is nearing completion after 130 years of construction.

I also met up with the amazing Andrea and Maria for Japanese food and a walk around the city.

My Udon

On the Friday I met up with Andrea and Maria again but this time I got to spend time with  Chechi and Jordi as well and even Chelsea and her boyfriend Mako dropped by quickly. They took me to La Oveja Negra which serves the best sangria in the whole of Barcelona (AND FREE POPCORN!)

Chechi, Jordi and Andrea left me special messages and drawings in my notebook <3

and then we got a bit tipsy ...

On New Years Eve Andrea invited me to her apartment in Mataro city, north of Barcelona. Her apartment looked like an Almodovar set. It was so cute and "Spanish" and we ate grapes at midnight and ate lots of snacks while looking at gyaru pics on tumblr.

Isn't her dog the cutest?!!!!!!!! She was wearing a jumper <3
I'm sorry this post was so picture heavy! I will do a second, shorter post for the rest of my holiday. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and are enjoying the new year and a new start. I have big news to announce soon but I will wait until I have finished my Barcelona posts first. Tobi x


  1. You guys seems to have so much fun!! ♥
    Looking forward to see you soon too ^_^

    1. we do! it was amazing :D and I can't wait to see you too x

  2. oh wow great vacay...

    happy new year

  3. Barcelona is so beautiful! thanks for sharing these pics hun :)