Monday, 7 January 2013

Barcelona part 2 GYARU GYARU

Hello everyone! Time for part two of my Barcelona posts. Towards the end of my holiday I was lucky enough to meet up with some of my Gyaru friends again and we went shopping and went out for dinner together.

I met up with Andrea and Marta during the day and hung out around La Rambla and Placa de Catalunya. We went shopping in El Courte Ingles and I bought a pair of cute Skull print socks. Here are some of the photos we took :)

 After the days shopping we met up with Chechi and Jordi to go out for dinner again.

Chechi being cute as always and eating everyone's left overs!
My dinner!
Andrea's horrible diet food -_- (it actually tasted really nice)
Chechi and Jordi doing what they do best <3
 After Andrea and Marta left Chechi, Jordi and I went out for Mojitos for a good bye drink ... and accidently got a bit more drunk than we were expecting to ...

We took some photos together, unfortunately they didn't turn out so well because we were drunk and it was 1 in the morning.

We ended up going to a club until five. Chechi and I were dancing up on a podium shaking everything in everyone's faces. They also decided to show me what is inside a dark room! it was like the scary parts of a gay dating site filled with old men. I was still drunk the next day when my family woke me up which turned into a delightful hangover on my flight home. All in all it was one of the best holidays I have ever had and I am missing Barcelona and everyone so much! I can't wait to go back again in the summer. Thank you to everyone who made my holiday amazing, I love you all! <3

I hope everyone had as amazing a winter holiday as I did! I am so looking forward to this new year, the new experiences and the new prospects it will bring. I have such a good feeling for the year ahead and I wish the best to all of you :) x Tobi x


  1. You look soooo good in all these photos Tobi! And what is your big news??! :D

    1. Haha thank you! I thought my styling and hair was absolutely terrible this holiday! and I'm going to south america to study spanish for about 7 months soon x

    2. Oh my God wow!! I didn't expect that, that's awesome news x

    3. yeah! super nervous and my dad is being a dick about organising it, ill be back by the end of the summer for more fabulous times though dont worry :D x