Sunday, 6 May 2012

My summer Wishlist.

With all this horrible fenland yucky English weather and my final exams at the moment it's quite easy to feel a bit bored and down. However I like to use this time to plan my summer ahead and all the amazing wonderful things I want to get! Here are a few of the items that I want this summer. I have organised them all into categories so it's less AHHHHH un-organised.


  1.  Vivienne Westwood jersey vest. No way in hell can I afford this but I can dream. I think this would look great undone, thrown over a vest with black skinny jeans and ankle boots for a casual I Don't Give A Fuck But I'm Hot look.
  2. Oversized Deepstyle t shirt. Just something casual and comfy for relaxed chilling in the park with friends and lazy drunk sleepovers.
  3. Kokontozai sleeveless printed cotton top. I think this top is very versatile you could wear it with a blazer and smart shoes or you could throw on some denim shorts and flip-flops but either way your going to look hot. I might actually try and get this when their sale comes around.


 Haha yes I know this category seems a little odd but I just NEED THESE IN MY LIFE!

  1. One of a kind, hand made warrior headdress. (If I was going to my prom I would wear this) I want this because ... It is just so cool! I really don't care what other people think of the way I dress if I love something and I can wear it I WILL <3 
  2. A nice Wig for some gender bending gyaru funtimes. This is just a random picture I would want a wig with a few more curls that I could style into something a little better looking. 
  3. Another handmade one of a kind headdress. This one is so pretty and I could imagine Pin wearing it with one of his light blue Manba wigs. There are so many things you could do with this in the summer. From a cute Bohemian look to a crazy Manba style co-ord as long as you are sensible with your colour choices it would work. - Headdresses

Bags <3

  1. Burberrys medium holdall in haymarket check. A lot of people think Burberry is chavy and tacky. That is because they know fuck all about fashion or style. These people have clearly never heard of Christopher Bailey. Anyway, I have wanted a Burberry bag sing forever! I think this model is perfect because not only is it a good size for me as I do a lot of travelling but it's not too feminine or too non-feminine. It's just perfect for me <3
  2. The matching Cosmetics case in Haymarket check. I really really need a specific makeup bag as I just have one massive jumbled toiletries bag and I just love the idea of a matching bag and makeup bag.
  3. This one is just a little bit of fun. It's the Vivienne Westwood Chaos weekender bag. For a designer bag of this size it is surprisingly cheap. It is also handmade in Kenya from recycled materials so not only is it quirky, fun and stylish it also does a bit of good. This would be a great casual bag for weekends at your boyfriends place or for carrying all your booze and PJ's to your friends house for party party times.

  1. I need these in my life! very sexy, very gay, very short, very overpriced Deepstyle white short shorts. This summer I will probably start shaving my legs again (eww hairy legs ... dat shit aint cute) so I will be whipping out the short shorts and shamelessly sunbathing where ever I can.
  2. I really need some new skinny Jeans, my old faithful Deepstyle ones are falling to pieces and while I love ripped jeans ... it's the crotch that has worn away first. 
  3. Some short harem pants for lounging around and for keeping that edgy stylish look while being cool and comfortable on hot days.

 Ok this is a category that I will definitely be buying as much of as possible this summer!!!! I have very very few pairs of shoes and when I move to London in September I refuse to be seen in the same few boring pairs.

  1. I want some wedge heels and I love these ones in particular because they look like trainers and would go great with some denim shorts and a t shirt or my oversized Vivienne Westwood top and leggings.
  2. I don't own a pair of trainers so I should probably get some of those! I love these furry Deepstyle ones because they are still different without being too in your face weird tranny thing.
  3. JEFFREY CAMPBELL DAMSEL SPIKE IN WHITE. These shoes are literally my DREAM shoes. Now that the Litas replicas are starting to come out I think it's probably not worth getting a pair of those as soon everyone will have lookalikes but I still love Jeffrey Campbell and his amazing designs and for less that £150 I think these shoes are pretty well priced and might have to be my birthday present to myself this year.

 This is the random other stuff category of little extra things I also want.

  1. Vivienne Westwood Men's leather turquoise wallet. My old wallet is falling to pieces and totally shit. This one is really pretty and a little something that I need. I probably won't buy it as there are other things I want more but it's really cute anyway.
  2. Some new contacts! I haven't tried grey contacts yet maybe these might make good summer contacts. They are also 15mm which is the only size I really like to wear because anything smaller doesn't give me enough of an enlarging affect. 
  3. Diamond Lash Angel Eye. I want these because they look quite similar to Akinari's top lashes and because they are sexy. Enough said!
Sorry that I have been posting so much recently but blogging has been a distraction from all my horrendous amounts of school work. Anyway, I am off to London next friday for a long weekend and hopefully going to get some good Purikura and have a little mini Gal meet with Emmie and stuff so yeah ... expect fun posts from that! <3 x 

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