Friday, 11 May 2012

Goodbye Pin x

Anyone who talks to me probably knows of my rather unhealthy obsession with Pin. I have a tendency to go a bit crazy and super stalk people who I find beautiful or interesting or who I respect artistically and for me Pin fits into all of these categories. I know many people aren't really into Pins style but you don't have to be to be able to appreciate the details and effort put into Pins looks.

I'm sure most of you know that "Pin" was just an escape and an alter ego for Pinja to help him deal with the mental turmoil of being transgender. The time has finally come for Pinja to start his new life and give Pin up for good. While I'm sad that Pin is no more, I am also happy for Eemil and hope that his future is a bright and happy one <3

I made this little tribute. It isn't much but it's just a little something for me as much as it is for the memory of Pin. x

I will always love Pin even though she is now in the past and I wish the best of luck for Eemil in his future ^_^ x

Pin <3 at her best <3
Just a little update. My weekend in London got cancelled because of private reasons. But I will be going in a few weeks time so don't worry! I promise I will make some interesting posts eventually! <3 xxx
Love to Pin and Eemil forever and always <3

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