Friday, 25 May 2012

Illness, Gets and Summer Plans!

Ok I have quite a lot to say in this post so sorry it's long and pic heavy.  I  havn't updated for the last two weeks because I have had a serious case of Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. It actually sounds like something really gross! it's not don't worry It's basically just a virus that causes a bad fever, rash on feet and hands and lots of sores and ulcers in your mouth. Unfortunately I have a very serious case so it has caused a bad throat infection and suspected ear infection and cough. Perfect timing considering I just missed the last weeks of school ever and incredible important revision. I am on 22 tablets a day and just had 6 bottles of blood taken for tests this morning but I am on the mend now I hope! 

Anyway, on to the interesting things! Some gets :) Technically I didn't buy this first one but my amazing friend Amélie, bought us these cute matching his and hers underwear for fun gyaru twinning times this summer. She bought us the navy skull ones and I am looking forward to lots of fun girly sleepovers and naughty sunbathing in these.

I wasn't actually planning on buying anything at the moment because of my summer plans but an Alba Rosa coat for £30 including shipping is not the kind of thing you can say no to. I have wanted one of these for years! It's very rare to come across one nowadays and they don't make them any more so my best friend Lorraine (she is a super cute uk Banba please check out her blog) and I are trying to collect any Alba Rosa we can find. She has a pretty extensive collection already lucky bitch. It is so comfy and a perfect size and is definitely going to become my winter coat.

 Now on to my very very exciting news! I have been invited by Alex who lives in Helsinki to come stay with him this summer for a few weeks to hang out, learn some Finnish and party with his AMAZING friends. I am actually sooooo excited! It means I am no longer buying myself my bag or my shoes :( but it's worth it! I would rather travel and see new and exciting things than be boring in fabulous clothes. You will probably have heard of his friends Zhi Zhi and Viivi who have quite well known blogs. Seriously though, all his friends are really pretty and interesting and have so much fun together and I can't wait to join in ^_^ ... although being a massive lightweight I am shit scared about keeping up with their insane drinking! I am planning to blog while I am in Helsinki showing you all the exciting things I get up to ... but I have a feeling that I will be hungover all the time.

I am also hopefully going to meet up with the wonderful Tiia and Project Q while in Helsinki :) I can't wait! <3
Alex is pretty. mmmmmmm <3
I am also finally going back to my Grandmothers house in France this summer. I haven't been there in the summer for two years!!!!! It's my family home and I spent most of my childhood there. I don't have very many pics but this is her house. It's an old 15th century (I think) village Château in the Vendée region. 
The main house.
The garden in summer (it's normally full of flowers and fruit)

 There is also a little lake in the nearby town that we go swimming in. To the left of the lake up the hill is an ancient medieval wood that you can go walking in.


For my birthday this year (the big 18) I am going to celebrate with my family in France by visiting Le Puy Du Fou. Which is a big historical theme park with shows, historical villages, artisans and animals. I have been going since I was about 5 and it is one of my favourite places in the whole world. It's geeky and childish but I love it so much.

The Roman Coliseum  
 They have a massive show where you see real lions and other animals and gladiators fighting and chariot racing. This show is amazing but you normally have to queue for an hour.
Medieval town
 This town is amazing you can see real medieval craftsman making things out of leather and carpenters carving and scribes writing in medieval styles.
The Battle of Dijon
 This one is my favourite! A moving castle that shoots fire, with dressage and jousting! I think they changed this show into something else though :(
The Vikings Attack
This show is so cool! you watch a little French village fighting off an attack by a Viking long ship.

And finally when I come back to England a few days before my actual birthday I will get my exam results and then I am off to London to see Drag Divas in Leicester Square with Lorraine. Then the next day I going to have a cake lunch with all my closest friends and anyone else that knows me and wants to come (please feel free to send me a message on facebook if you want to come, the more the merrier!)
From the cake lunch we will then go take Purikura, chill in the park and then get ready for a very long fabulous night of gay clubbing! <3 xxxx

Sorry for the super long post! I hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather and not too stressed by exams and I hope you all have an amazing summer! <3 x


  1. Insane drinking... oh god you made it sound so bad xD

    1. haha but you are that bad! compared to England!! x :P x

  2. Ah look at that beautiful jacket!!! XD I really hope you feel better soon!!! Also so jealous that you're going to Finland :P

    1. hehe it's so pretty <3 x thank you, so do I! and maybe next year you can come with me :P <3 xxx

  3. Hi, how are you ? ^^

    I don't know if you do that stuff, but I tagged you on my blog ! (when you have to say in a post 11 things about you ~ )

    It's okay if you don't want to do it, I know some people doesn't like it and I don't want to disturb you ! ^^


    1. I'm ok thanks, you? :) and c'est d'accord! j'aime les memes comme ca. Tu est tres mignon! (desolé pour mon francais, je prefere de parler en francais) x