Thursday 6 June 2013

I moved to Barcelona!

Hola Jamonas! Como estas? Okay so I have some very exciting news, I moved to Barcelona for the summer two weeks ago. I know I should have updated this earlier but I haven't felt like blogging at all. Since I got here I've been going to the beach a lot, meeting all my old and new friends and going to the gym with Chechi. 

I flew here on the always fabulous Ryanair.

I am renting a room in a flat with a couple of Medical students and a linguist. In the city centre. On my first day in the city I went with Ernesto (one of my flat mates) up to Gaudi's park and for breakfast.

Gaudi's park has one of the best views of the city. Chechi (graduated from Hysterical) lives about 15 minutes walk away from me. I live by Torre Agbar (the phallic shaped building in the photo below and Chechi lives by Sagrada Familia.)

Of course it wouldn't be a Tobi journey without my trusty Sanctus jumper. Everyone check out Lu's latest collection! It's so fantastic. The new skull print is to die for as well. 

Last weekend I met up with a very special friend who I met on a "school" work experience trip to France. She has been living and working in Catalunya for the last year and it was her birthday. This is her and her adopted Catalan mother, Happy Birthday! <3 x

Yummy Cake! <3
 Yesterday I met up with another friend. Sia, who I ran into in Dublin. A lot of you might know her because she owns the Purikura shop in London's Chinatown. She has been travelling the world for the last year just like me. We had a cute little Pizza date on Barceloneta beach.

This is what I look like now! 
I've started going to the gym with Chechi and Miwa four times a week. Unfortunately I have a really embarrassing tan line from that day with some horrendously red (although turning a nice dark brown colour) shoulders. 

In other news my Auntie bought me a holga lens! Something I have wanted for a while. It is so cute I absolutely love it. It also increases my Hipster level to 50! Here are my favourite photos I have taken with it.

The last one is the view from my Bedroom. I really like my flat and the people I live with are so nice. This weekend I have a fun beach party planned with my friends and I'm sure I will make another post fairly soon. I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and if you have/had exams I wish you the best of luck. Lots of Love, Tobi xxxx


  1. Hi Tobi !! I love your "trip reports" on your blog , this is so amazing to travel with you and discover a new country/city every 2 months at least x) !
    Barcelona is so great during the pre-summer period . I hope to see more of the "unseen" Barcelona on your blog .

    Have a nice day and see you <3


    1. I will try and get some of the real city into it :D I'm glad you enjoy it! I hope Paris is fabulous right now ;) xxx

  2. Tobi!!! You're having a great time in Barcelona, so happy for you :) This blog makes me miss Spain pretty bad now XD Miss you loads xxxx

  3. Barcelona looks wonderful!! :D

  4. You're happy man! So beautiful place :)